Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Tale of 2 Knights........

I finally finished the Blue Knight and the boy is having a good time playing knights and dragons. I did the Red Knight first since "red" is his favorite color, but Red needed a buddy. I don't even think he noticed yet there is only one horse. I asked if he wanted a "Damsel" and so far the answer is "NO". Do you think he even knows what a "Damsel" is?
Doubt it.
I will get to work on another horse and possibly some other creatures some time this week.

Pattern: Fairy Tales at your Fingertips from!
Yarn: basic Red Heart and any other acrylic that had colors I needed.

Notes: great pattern, well written, makes up quick. I think I need more of these to keep in my Mom bag for emergencies (they weight loads less than all the Hot Wheels that I carry around now)


Blogger Katie said...

How CUTE! That looks like a really good pattern--fun, quick and nice results. Bet they're fun to play with!

8:22 PM, March 13, 2006  

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