Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm already behind.... (a theme)

I'm guessing this blogging my crafts is going to take some getting used to? Already Tala @ has questioned the wherabouts of certain items she knows I have completed. In my defense, the boy was sick this week and required 2 doctors appointments and multiple medications in order to get a decent nights sleep. Pretty good as excuses go....... I'll probably use it often.

So back to the crafts. I have mutliple things to list, but only time for a few.
First is the scarf for Star Gazing Farm I am going to write up the pattern and hopefully she can sell it to make some money to feed the animals! Her yarn is nice to work with and washed up soft with a little hair conditioner. It worked out to be 6 inches wide by 46 inches long with only ONE skein of Farmer Anne's yarn! I'm still debating the name of the pattern. I kinda liked "Prints in the Pasture", but DH asked "Who is Prince?". Now I'm thinking "Hawthorne (takes a walk)". The large horshoe cable is supposed to be Hawthorne the horse and the smaller side cables are the sheep and goats running beside him. Cute eh?
More soon.......


Blogger Tala said...

I like Hawthorne takes a walk...or how about Hawthorne and his fiber friends? That's lame. Never mind! Looks great, though, might have to knit one up for myself! Oh, wait, Irish Hiking Scarf is begging to be finished!

7:13 PM, January 29, 2006  

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