Sunday, April 02, 2006

NOT a slacker

only when it comes to posting!
Acutally, DH was home this week and that significantly cut my pc time. We have sharing issues.

So now while he is cleaning the gutters I present a baby blanket & matching BSJ sweater! Whoot!

The yarn is Red Heart Soft Baby . The blanket pattern is the basic shell stitch (my fav) on a G hook and the sweater is EZ's Baby Suprise Sweater on size 7 needles. Of course I'm still shopping for just the right buttons for the sweater... but I have a while till this gets gifted!

OH and last weekend I knit up 2 baby hats and a swatch! But no pictures to post... that would have been a neat post title "2 Baby Hats and a Swatch"

OTN: Wallaby for the boy and test swatching a project for DH.
Enjoy the awesome weather!


Blogger Tala said...

Thanks for having me over the other night! Had fun, as usual (and thanks for the new addiction - went and bought THREE bags of that white cheddar stuff yesterday - Ella wasn't too sure at first, but loves it now!) I'm going to try to dye one more batch of fiber tomorrow to see how the teal works and so I can show you Monday if we can make it to Loop...oh, and I FINALLY updated my blog (like, THREE entries in TWO days!) so there!

6:34 PM, April 07, 2006  

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