Monday, April 09, 2007

A Few More Things

Here is a cotton teething bunny I made for the Mr.'s friend who recently had a baby (sent along with booties and 2 outfits) I think my faces are getting better. At least she's not angry! I did a quickie knit scarf (aka garter stitch) for the shop last week too. This is Noro Sumile, a cotton, silk, nylon chenille yarn. We have a bit left and people are always asking what it looks like knit up. It actually came out to a nice length for one skein- 5" x 40" ! I did a swatch with a cotton yarn and one of those carry along thread too, but whiffed on talking any pictures.

And here is the square I sent Noolie for her friend Betty (she is putting them together for a blanket) Its a Kisses & Hugs cable square! Cool, heh?

So, today will be day 100 of my picture a day project. Its fun looking back to the beginning of the year. I was not sure when I started this project if I would even get this far. Life intrudes, you know? But here I am! Are you tired of seeing Gunnar and the Mayor? Anyone besides my mom look at these pictures? (Hi Mom!)

I'm still working on the knitted ripple and a simple tank (another shop model). Soon I'll have to start the Princess's birthday gift and maybe get some other projects cleaned off my (ever growing) list.

Stay warm!

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