Saturday, February 11, 2006

Celtic Cap

Just in time for the BIG SNOW today! The Celtic Cap from the girl from auntie.
pattern - Celtic Cap - the girl from auntie
yarn- Cascade 220 color 8400 grey (my Favorite)
needles: sice 6 bamboo circs

notes:- 6 cable panels around. Longer than my other hats, so it will actually cover my ears! This is my training for doing Eris and Rogue. I used the old cookie sheet with a magnet to hold the chart down and mark my lines. It worked well! I would have been finished in 3 days or so, but come from the multiple WIP reality and have 3 other projects going as the same time.


Blogger Tala said...

I LOVE IT! And the multidirectional scarf! I'll have to try both...was the hat easy?

10:22 PM, February 12, 2006  

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