Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Hoodie by any other name is a Wallaby

Here it is! The Very Red Hoodie! Jake wanted red and OH BOY is it. He wore it outside yesterday and YIKES! I didn't realize when I was working on it how bright it would be. Oh well. When he saw it finished he said "That's Cool, Mom!" (really he likes it, he just does not like me dressing him for a photo shoot!) The seal of approval. Can't ask for anything more.

This is the Wonderful Wallaby pattern that I first heard about on the Knitlist (yahoo group).

I was worried when I started this since it didn't seem to be big enough, but I think doing it on the circs make the diameter smaller and I kept forgetting that! I kept redoing the math to figure out the chest circumfrence, getting the correct numbers and just plugging along. Actually I figured since the yarn was so inexpensive it was no biggie and I could always give it to one of the cousins!

Pattern- The Wonderful Wallaby by Cottage Creations. (I got my copy from The Mannings) (you can google it and find it on-line many places)
FAQ- Yes there is a FAQ page, click for link
Yarn- Caron Simply Soft. I wanted somthing nice and inexpensive. this is the same yarn I make the baby blankets out of (usually) I used less than 2 skein! So that means I made this for about $6! Yippie!
Needles- Denise 8's + 6's for the ribbing

Notes- Great pattern, very easy. My kitchener stitch(for the hood) needs some work as well as closing up the holes under the arms.... need more practice. Guess I'll have to do another!


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