Friday, February 09, 2007

Mock Moc

by any other name is still a Dickey!

The "OMG its freaking COLD" panic knitting continues. Finally little something for myself because, I still have to walk the dog and HE doesn't care, he has a fur coat. So I noodled up this-
I was going to call it a Tricky Dickey (let's see how many hits that gets me!) but when I showed DH, he said "Cool! A Mock Moc" So there ya go.

Its perfect. Exactly what I wanted... just a bit to cover my neck and tuck in my shirt. See? Ignore the fact that I am wearig a t-shirt, I was too lazy to change for the photo shoot.
Even better, it took only ONE SKEIN! Just a hair under 85 yards to be exact. Here are my leftovers and notes.
I decided to share, after all its cold lots of places and knitters & their famlies need to be warm. Also, these would make great gifts if I do say so myself!

Mock Moc
Yarn: Maggi's Merino Aran, 50g 85 yards (or any yarn giving you approx 5 spi, your mileage may vary)
Needles: 16 inch size 7's
Gauge: approx 5 stitches per inch
Notions: stitch marker, yarn needle

Cast on 80
Place marker & join to knit in the round
K2, P2 around for approx 2.5 inches (I got 14 rows)
bind off 10 stitches (shoulder)
K2, P2 over the next 30 stitches (leave them on your needle)
bind off 10 stitches (shoulder)
K2, P2 over the next 30 stitches
TURN and K2, P2 back
Keep knitting K2, P2 back and forth in rows until you have about 4.5 inches and Bind Off

Re-attach yarn on the leftover 30 stitches and K2,P2 for 6 inches or until you are almost out of yarn and Bind Off.

There are so many ways you can vary this... change the yarn, do a K1, P1 rib, or even maybe some ragaln increases and short rows for the section under your shirt!

If by some chance anyone knits this, send me a picture, OK?

Don't forget, Can you spare a square?

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