Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Myst Madness

Myst Madness
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As in WTF was I thinking. Remember Myst from a few posts ago? Well, SIL#2 said it would look good with black pearls. That got me thinking and I spun up some natural black from Madison at Star Gazing Farm then proceded to bead it.
Here is where the pain begins. Beading 50 ba-jillion e beads on a newly spun thin single was asking for problems. Namley the kind where the yarn thins out and BREAKS from pushing all those freakin' beads along!
The pain continued during the plying of the beaded yarn and Myst, since I only have a jury rigged Lazy Kate (and she was not cooperating, go figure).
So here it is, Myst Madness!

I guess it was not all that bad since I'm playing with some roving Tala gave me and beading + plying as I go! This one may be Sugar & Spice Madness.... will see


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