Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Holey Experiment

DH asked for another pair of felted "clogs". But he wants some "vents" or holes for more air circulation during the summer. If I did a few well placed YO's would they close up during the felting process? Did I need to put an un-feltable string throught the holes to keep them open?

Here are the results:

The smaller swatch on the right was knit in Lamb's Pride on us 13's. I did regular YO's and prior to felting wove a hockey skate lace through the holes to keep them open. The swatch got a little distorted and wonky .

The large swatch on the left was knit in Lamb's Pride on us 13's. The first 3 rows (from the top) are regular YO's. These closed up some and I could always open the holes again with a needle or something. The bottom 2 rows are double YO's. I think we have a winner! The double YO's stayed nice and mostly open and did not distort the overall fabric. Now to find the rest of the Lamb's Pride in the stash....(gotta be black & gold of course)


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