Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August Dishcloth KAL

Here is my KAL for August - the 3 & 1 checkered cloth! Love it!
I used Sugar & Cream Yellow and Peaches & Cream Gumdrop. I think the colors are great, so nice and bright. Oh and I used my Knit Picks needles, size 7's. I have an easier time knitting the cotton on these than my Denise set.

Here are 2 more Ball Band dishcloths too... set aside for M4 to give as gifts. The colors are Sugar and cream Sage Green and S&C Country Side Ombre.

Does anyone wash and block their dishcloths before taking pictures.... I didn't. Maybe I should? I think the 3&1 would need to be blocked if it was going as a gift.... a little wobbly on the edges.


Blogger Gretchen said...

I love the colors! I didn't block mine before taking a photo (you can see it on my blog--gretchenknits.blogspot.com) and I think it would have benefited from it. Same situation--the edges are a little wonky in the pic. Thanks for sharing! I really do love your colors.

8:50 AM, August 23, 2006  
Blogger Debbie said...

Oh i love your colors too! Which brand has the ballband pattern?

10:56 AM, August 23, 2006  
Blogger RC said...

test comment... why are the comments not goign to my email?>

11:17 AM, August 23, 2006  
Blogger RC said...

still testing email

11:34 AM, August 23, 2006  
Blogger Carol said...

Great dishcloths! Love all the colors.

1:12 PM, August 23, 2006  

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