Friday, September 01, 2006

All the luck

Some people have, but not me. Sigh.

Yesterday at 15.30 hrs a trailer drove by, snagged my power line and RIPPED it out of my house. Poof, no power and there was a big BANG. Startled me, ya know?

Looks like the when your rip the string to open the bag of dog food. Same effect anyway.

I run the boy over to the neighbors house, just in case. Thank God we have an awesome neighbor!

So I call Peco (lucky for me I have their number memorized since we loose power so often). Then call the police. Then our home owners insurance . Then Peco again.

The driver would not come out of the cab, since the lines were laying across the top of the trailer. (or did I scare him waving my pen/paper/digital camera? I was a little P.O'd)

Well, the state troopers come, then Peco and the neighbors came out to say HI and give support. Lots of excitement for the boy!

Ultimately power was restored before 18.30 hrs (I was not looking at the clock for the exact time)
Not too bad, those Peco guys know what they are doing.

At least the weather was nice and had the windows open.

Now we have to figure out how much it will cost to fix the siding and who is going to pay. You can bet this is going to be A PROJECT.

News about the engine light for the car is not good either....... Basically there is a knock sensor in the engine that is causing the light to be on. The knock is from wear and the only way to fix it would be to rebuild the engine. Like THAT is going to happen. NOT. Geez, the car has 265k miles! So we can consider ourselves warned... it may go anytime. We just need a couple more months so keep your fingers crossed!

Back to our regularly scheduled knitting soon.... really! I have finished the sweater for Jake, another hand towel for Technicolor Sheep, even curtins!


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