Wednesday, January 03, 2007

06 Stealth knitting - the big reveal

Here are 3 projects that I knit back in Nov/Dec that were presents. Now I can show the pictures, but no longer have all the information I used to knit them! Doh.

First are 2 Bangle Bags. #1 SIL liked the one I did for M4's Birthday back in August, so brother asked me to knit 2 more! One for #1 SIL and another for #1SIL's sister. I changed the wool to Cascade 128 Tweed and used Denise 10's. I like these cables better, more smooshy. Plus the tweedy goodness of the yarn means #1SIL can pick lots different colors for the ribbon. (#1Sil got the cream w/ purple ribbon)
This is just a cable pattern I made up to measure 14 inches wide by 16 inches long, to go around the actual bag lining. The handles are round WOOD from M&J trim on line. **** when you order, they sell the handles as SINGLES, not a pair.

Next up is the All Wrapped Up wrap for my Mom. Sorry, I can't find the pattern right now! But according to the other notes I took, this is Cascade Quatro ( 2 skein) and I knit on Denise 8's and 10.5 I never got pics of Mom wearing it Christmas Eve (and not sure she would let me post them!) Its a neat wrap, that is narrower along the top edge with ties so it does not slip around your shoulders so much. Here is a close up of the ribbing bit- That's it for now! Back to cleaning and working on Oma Blu's Birthday socks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those bags are great! Did you happen to write up a pattern?

1:25 PM, January 03, 2007  

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