Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I was visiting a Mom friend (who is just getting back into knitting) yesterday. The boys were playing and we were knitting & chatting. I find out she is a POTTER! (is that right? or do I say she pots?) Well, I LURV me my pottery (bought our dishes from a potter in Ireland on our honeymoon)!
So somehow I get her to show me some of the things she has done - aren't they pretty? Aren't They Mine?! Are you so jealous?

She is doing tradsies for all this green pottery goodness. Guess what she wants?


Muh-haha. I'm taking over the world with hand knit socks!

But I have a Potter! A local pottery artist! Signed stuff! Function & Beauty
(I should have taken more pics of her stuff. So Cool! Maybe next time ?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have SOOOOO wanted to learn how to throw pottery for, like, FOREVER!!! You must introduce me! Maybe I can teach her how to spin in exchange!!! I love the little flowery cup thing!

12:25 PM, January 10, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What wonderful pottery! And so lucky to have a friend who is a potter! It is nice to know that knitting=currency. ;)

I have never thought about using the Addi 16" dpns for socks. Maybe that would make it less scary...

12:55 PM, January 10, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOh, very pretty! But, I have you beat - my neice recieved a pottery wheel for Christmas :) She is an art student at Rhode Island School of Design and she's a fantastic potter.

What better deal could you have made though? You get to knit socks (fun) and get lots of pretty pottery.

3:42 PM, January 10, 2007  

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