Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I have been a knitting FOOL! Look at all these! First up is another hand towel out of Maggi's Linen.
I used my Kit Picks needles in size 5 and a pattern from the First Barbara Walker that was originally for 3 colors, but I just used 2. The Maggi's Linen really does make a nice hand towel, knit & crocheted. This is the 3rd hand towel I've made for the new store. They look good in the pretty new bathroom! I'm sorry to say that Laura at my LYS is not going to carry it anymore.

Next up is the Face Cloth/headband combo that I am going to use for the "Spa Knit" class. I used Reynolds Saucy, worsted and size 7 needles. I have to say that I did a smaller one and used it, then washed it with the regular laundry and OH BOY did it soften up nice! No special treatment, just in the regular old laundry. Nice!
We are going to knit the face cloth & headband, then make a "packet" from the clothe and put in a small bag of Epsom Salts. The students will have a choice of essential oils to "flavor" the bath salts. I'm going to play some cool music on the cd player and maybe have some snacks. Any other ideas?

Here is a felted messenger style bag that Laura wanted for the Back to School window display. Red and gold are the local school colors.
The pattern is the "Courtney Slingback" and I used Cascade 128, 3 skein of red 1 of gold. I LOVE the 128, it felts fast & even. I'll try to get a pic of the display later. You are supposed to put some buttons on the flap to close it, but we opted to not for now.

Looking for a FAST & FUN baby gift? Try these baby socks from Knits, Knots, Buttons, And Bows: Projects for Babies

I did 6 pair for the shop display and STILL have a load left over. The book had different sizes and you can make a Mommy socks and baby socks out of ONE skein of Cascade 220 Superwash.
The directions specify DPN's, but I used my Denise needles and did them on 2 circs (yes, I have 2 sets of Denise needles, just for this type of thins). I tend to do silly things when I use DPN's, like bring the project close up and poke myself in the face. 2 circs are much less dangerous! Plus, for me at least there are faster.


Blogger Tala said...

Man, I have RAGING baby fever and you're flashing baby socks THAT cute in my face?!?! Not fair!!!!

6:51 PM, September 09, 2006  

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