Monday, January 22, 2007

Sick Kitty

Maeve is not feeling well.... I think its a flair up of what she had about 4 years ago. I hate it when the babies get sick. I'm giving her meds to increase her appetite and more to help with the mushy poops. Hopefuly it will pass soon and I won't have to bring her in to the vet for fluids. Last time I was giving her the fluids myslef at home..... I'm a pretty good vet tech. I'll give her another day or 2.

I just cleaned out the water fountain and she had a nice big drink so keep your fingers crossed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's drinking water; that has to be a good sign. Hopefully, she'll feel better soon. I always feel so bad when the furbabies get sick because you can't tell them that they'll feel better. (well you can tell them, but they don't get it)

3:02 PM, January 22, 2007  

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