Friday, January 19, 2007

Status report

2 things today....
1- I knit up the Janie Cowel (free pattern form Knit Picks) this week since Kindergarten camp out is tonight and its going to be freakin freezing. No, I'm not camping out with Kindergarteners, but WAITING IN LINE so my son can get an AM spot. It goes by your order in line... those first get the AM spots, those later get the PM spots. We feel the Mayor will do much, much better in the AM and this is what I have to do to get what is best for my child. Crazy, huh? Its a long way from concert ticket camp outs. I'll take pics and let you know how it goes tomorrow.... if I'm coherent.
I used some Manos in stash and size 11 bamboo circs. Quick and easy. Unfortunately its TOO cowley and a bit unflattering so after tonight it will be frogged and the wool reclaimed for something better.

2- Kate over at Minestrone Soup needs fun fur hats. Yes. Fun. Fur. Hats.
Before your turn your nose up, read on. They are chemo caps for the kids in Childrens' Hospital Boston. Kids like Muppet Heads! Who knew? Hey, if I lost all my hair, you can be sure I would adorn my head with much crazyness! Here is the first of 5 I plan on donating. Quick and realtively painless. I used this pattern. Started and finished it last night. If you email Kate to get in the contest (oh yes, its a contest too!) She will send you a .pdf file with more hat patterns. Could not be any easier, right? So go get that fun fur outa your stash and GET KNITTING! The hats need to be in Boston by Feb 28, 2007 so don't be a slacker, just do it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you seriously waiting in line overnight?! You'd think they could come up with a better way to determine AM and PM. I can't remember how it was determined when my daughter was there, but I know it wasn't by first in line.

1:41 PM, January 19, 2007  
Blogger Mindy said...

I can't believe they make you wait in line to determine AM/PM. That is crazy! It makes a good argument for all day kindgarten -- which is of course not much more than half day with a nap.

3:11 PM, January 19, 2007  

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