Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The last 2 weeks have been crazy! Lots of subbing for teacher conferences, babysitting and another (paying deadline) job... and no blogging. I didn't even read any email or blogs for 3 or 4 days last week, (practically unheard of for me)

Anyhoo.. here are a few things I've finished:
a sweater for Lexi (he named the sheep)
I used the pattern from Last Minute Gifts -the sweater ornament and some Magic Stripes Yand- done in an hour! I'm doing story/snack at kindergarten and reading Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep, and wanted to have a few props on hand. I'll have fleece, combs and a spindle to show the kids too...
I love story/snack! I'm making Haystacks for the snack part. Hope the kids like them.

Next up I did a Knitted Kitty (ravelry link)

I really have issues with embroidering faces. Really.

This one went to the little girl I baby sit- the head is already wobbly. whoops. I'll fix it up later

Last FO for today, socks for Carol.
Sorry for the bad pic, but I totally forgot to take one while they were blocking. I used the toe up, mock cable pattern I tested for Kristy (btw, anyone heard from her? I've emailed and called- no response) My standard 1's on 60 stitches. She likes them - the yarn is possibly Socketta, but since she gave it to me without wrapper, we can't be sure.

That's it for bloggable knitting! Easter was great! The bunny hid The Mayor's basket, but left pieces of a map in the eggs. He had to find the eggs, tape the map together, then find the basket. It actually took up a good chunck of time and was lots of fun.

So, how's you's doin'?

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Blogger Nicole said...

Long time no hear.
The kitty turned out cute and the face looks good it just needed something lighter maybe pink.

7:27 PM, March 25, 2008  
Blogger Charity said...

Hmmm, still no response? I hope she's okay...

Love that kitty, so sweet. :0)

1:38 PM, March 29, 2008  

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