Sunday, March 02, 2008

Saturday Sighting

Check out this guy/girl... I've seen him around but this is the first time I was able to get a pic! I was washing my hands in the kitchen sink and there he was. Anybody know what kind of bird this is?

I figured out how to get an Etsy badge on my blog- yeah me. Business is pretty slow right now, but I'm hoping to get lots more in the shop so maybe things will pick up. We have a car payment now. sigh.

OTN: the Noro socks, Monkey socks and Kararina sweater. I printed my Ravelry project queue hoping that I can get my projects a bit more organized- fingers crossed.

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Blogger Julie said...

I have no idea what that bird is, but it's really cool!

I need to get not only my project queue organized, but also my stash; I just never seem to have the energy when I have the time. Some day (maybe).

6:44 AM, March 03, 2008  

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