Thursday, June 01, 2006

Time to catch up

Ok so here is what I'be been knitting but unable to blog about since the boy and the puppy have kept me away from the pc:
1. Swaddling Blanket
scroll down for info.
Yarn: TLC cotton Plus 3 skein
Needles: Denise 8's
I LOVE this pattern! There is even a slot for the car seat buckel in the back! Wish I had this when Jake was a baby.

2. Matching 5 hr baby sweater and coordinating Miss Dashwood hat
Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus (good stuff!)

3. a little something for the big sister! A cape (modeled by Grace) Kind of based on this pattern but adapted for smaller person and bigger yarn.
Yarn: Jiffy, 2 skein,
Needles, ?? sorry, I didn't write that down.

4. Felted clogs (Fiber Trends Pattern) for DH. a second pair in Steelers colors.
Lamb's Pride wool.
No the holes did not work as well as I had hoped. I even
test swatched! Bleh. Oh well, just not as much "venting" as he had hoped.

5-6. crocheted Hippie Hemp bracelet and Messenger Cell bag. My own design. I wrote and gave the pattern to Laura at Technicolor Sheep for the kids knit & crochet class

7. Petal bib from One Skein.
Yarn Reynolds Saucy (cotton)
Needles Denise 5's
Oh and 2 swatches for the shop

This blog is brought to you today by DH who is (thank God) home on vacation for a week. Maybe I'll get other stuff caught up!


Blogger Tala said...

Wow, so I shouldn't bitch about you not blogging, because at least you've been knitting! I must blog to post the dozen skeins of yarn I've spun up for Yarn Rescue, and the progress I've FINALLY made on Pea Pod (I've got the body done and 1 arm about half done!) Everything looks great! I wish I had time to knit that swaddler, but the shower is July 9 and since we're leaving for Maine that day I have to mail the gifts so she can open them that day.

7:28 AM, June 20, 2006  

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