Monday, August 27, 2007

Spinning News

First try at the wheel.... a ball of mystery wool!
"Pond Scum" 5-7 wpi. A thick & thin style bulky yarn, 2 ply, 91 yards. For sale or tradsies!
Next try- Merino wool batt from Star Gazing Farm
"Sidewalk Slush" 10 wpi (worsted) fairly consistent spinning with the occasional slub. 76 yds + 23 yds. Sale or Tradsies.
Lookit this! Roving I bought from Amanda at Black Cat Handspun Etsy shop. 4oz Falklands Roving she dyed and called "Faded Garden"
I spun it to 12 wip-DK weight, 2 ply 280 yards!!!! I changed the name to "Lemon Rose Sorbet"
Its a bit underplyed in spots, and has the occasional slub (aka I still can't figure this out) but its really nice and so very soft!
I traded this skein to Kristy for handmade soap!

Lastley, another batt from Amanda's Etsy shop (link above) a mix of Coopworth and Chow (chiengora) (yes, dog hair. totally cool)

"Sea Hag"-6 wip, 75 yards bulky 2 ply. This one came out neat. I was going for overspin on my ply and it came out ropy- like crazy Sea Hag hair. The ply is the best so far and I'm not totally sure what I did. Oh well, more practice I suppose!I'm expecting the wheel to go home soon, unless I can bribe Amanda to let me have it a bit longer... I have some bea-you-ti-ful BFL from Warm Threads called Wine Country that I may try to Navaho ply to keep the color pattern. We will see...

I have some other FO's too that I'll try to post tomorrow.

ps. the boy is good but the dog had his first trip to the emergency vet 3am Sunday morning. Possibly something he ate and after careful watch, no food 24 hrs and lots of love he is back to himself today. Now its a bland diet, a little at a time and work our way back to the regular diet. Fun times. Its never dull around here!

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Blogger Tala said...

AWESOME! Looks like you've really gotten the hang of the wheel! And thanks, of course, for the plug! Always appreciate that! I'll email ya later!

6:18 PM, August 27, 2007  
Blogger Julie said...

WOW, look at all that awesome yarn! Great job :-)

7:24 AM, August 29, 2007  

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