Monday, September 10, 2007

From the Wheel

I hadn't realized until now that the finer you spin, the LONGER it takes. Duh. Like I knew, but I guess it really came home to me this week as I was spinning and plying these:

4oz of BFL from Warm Threads, color "Wine Country"

I really wanted to keep the color pattern so I Navaho plied.The whole she-bang ended up as 13-14 wpi/DK weight about 220 yards! I think that's a pretty nice skein.

Here is another biggie: 4oz of superwash "Mostly Blue" This is one of the batches of stuff I went in halvsies with Amanda some time last year? dunno. 2 ply 20 wip/fingering weight, 515 yards. Yup even I was shocked! That's a lotta yarn.No plans for either skein right now, but I'm sure something will come up!

The wheel is going home Friday, so I have to hurry! I have 4 oz of super soft baby alpaca I'm trying to spin fine & ply. If I can get that done then I'll have tried a good varity of rovings and be pleased with my wheel time.

I have been knitting too... I just finished a Spa Set for Mom to gift a friend and totally forgot to take pics. Oh well, there will be plenty more of those being knit soon enough.

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Blogger Julie said...

What gorgeous yarn!!!!! I know nothing about plying and am getting close to being ready to ply my first batch (I have 1 1/2 bobbins full). I think I need to find a tutorial on the navajo plying so my colors don't turn to mush. Can you recommend one?

p.s. I forgot to bring your prize to work with me so I could mail it today; I promise it'll go out tomorrow.

1:45 PM, September 10, 2007  
Blogger Charity said...

The spinning is so great! I really need to work on my finer spinning. :0)

2:17 PM, September 10, 2007  
Blogger Lovs2Knit said...

Pretty! I'm guessing you're really going to miss the wheel!

6:59 PM, September 10, 2007  
Blogger Tala said...

Gorgeous - I remember that superwash stuff, it was from a big batch we got on ebay! Looks incredible! I haven't spun anything nearly that lengthy. Socksocksocksocks!

Let Julie know that Yarn Wench has a great navajo-plying video tutorial on her site:

7:20 PM, September 10, 2007  
Blogger Kristy said...

Beautiful! You are just a wild and crazy spinning woman. I swear, you never fail to impress me.

5:48 PM, September 11, 2007  

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