Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday Sky +

Another overcast rainy Saturday! Bleh! What is going on with the weather lately? They say it is going to clear up, but the clouds just keep coming in.

Now look at these boys! How totally cute are they? They came to my kids Spool Knitting class on Friday at Technicolor Sheep. Actually just 2 came, the little guy is mine! T & C are great boys to have in any class. They are extremely well mannered, played well with the little guy and had lots of fun with their spool knitters. I really hope they come to more classes. I'll figure out more boy stuff to do!


Blogger Tala said...

Jake looks SO cute! Having fun teaching classes? Looks like fun! I keep thinking about asking if I could teach a spindle spinning class there or in Swarthmore, but then I worry I don't know enough technical stuff.

Oh, and Ella saw a little boy at the post office Friday which set off a 15-minute "Mommy, can I pay with Jake? Mommy, Jake has slide. Jake has swing. Can I pay with Jake?" tirade. Are you available at all this week?

7:42 PM, September 17, 2006  

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