Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Beanie Baby Sleeping Bag & Spinning

Just so you don't think I've fallen off the face of the world, a quick post.

I've been mostly spinning this week....

The pink/blue/white is 85 yards worsted thick'n' thin spun. This was roving that Amanda dyed for me in her dishwasher! (drop her a note and she might do some for you!) The maroon is 38 yards fingering/sport again from Amanda . She sells her stuff on Etsy ! Go look! Green & purple is about 16 yds worsted and 40 yds fingering from MDSW batt. The *Party in a Bag* purple/blue/glitter from MDSW. Spun and gifted to Scooter. I never even made note of the yardage Bad Blogger.

A knitted FO for Little Cat D-
And this is so cute the Mayor wants on for one of his toys.... a Beanie Baby sleeping bag! Its a free pattern. Super easy, super cute and a great way to try double knitting if you have not before. Its late so I'll find the links and update later... (its later and I've updated.....)
Tomorrow is the last day of busines at the shop. *snif* Next week I'll be helping out with power tools taking down shelves and things.

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Blogger Lovs2Knit said...

Looks like you've been spinning like crazy. :~)
If the kiddo sees that sleeping bag she's gonna want one for Old Mouw.

12:37 AM, May 17, 2007  
Blogger Tala said...

I have power tools! If you need more help, I can plan to come up to the shop one day, too - especially if she wants us up there earlyish (oh, god, rush hour on the blue route - I'm getting the shakes already!)

7:11 AM, May 17, 2007  
Blogger Julie said...

What a cute little sleeping bag!

Looks like you've been busy with the spinning. All very pretty.

There's not much sadder than a yarn shop closing :(

7:15 AM, May 17, 2007  
Blogger Mindy said...

The sleeping bag is great! Must keep the boys from seeing those or I will be making a million of them.

8:01 AM, May 17, 2007  

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