Thursday, April 23, 2009


Wow, its Fursday already!
Gunnar had surgery on Monday to remove the undecended testicle aka The Lost Boy. Mission accomplished, but he needs to take it easy for the next 10 days. That means no wrestling with the puppers. Everyone is taking turns being out and about, but its killing Shea that she cannot give him kisses. Here she is keeping her buddy company.

I was watching Rocky's (the bulldog) kids yesterday. G-man is almost 2 and LOVES the doggies. They love him back- here is Pal giving G-man sloppy kissesYou know how hard it is to get a NON blurry picture of these dogs? This is 2 puppies and G-man's older sister, can you see everybody? They had her pinned on the couch and were kissing the giggles outa her!
Much fun! I'm hoping to get an outside team shot this weekend. What are the odds everyone is still?
I'm knitting wee tiny socks and spindling samples- maybe pics later



OpenID imaginecreativenamehere said...

Wow, the pups are SO BIG!!! and beautiful! That first photo is a heartbreaker.

1:15 PM, April 23, 2009  
Blogger Charity said...

Poor Gunnar! The recovery time is always so long, eh? :o)

I'm all excited to knit a wee tiny sock this weekend. And as to your comment - you should definitely check out that book! It's really great, I can't say enough good things about it.

Happy Fursday!

7:20 PM, April 23, 2009  
Blogger Julie said...

Great pictures!

Poor Gunnar; give him a hug for me.

8:15 PM, April 23, 2009  

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