Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Wednesday

Remember how the cherry tree looked last week? Well here it is as of Sunday: Petals have already started to fall..... sigh. All that work for a few days of beauty.

I've been knitting more wee tiny socks and spinning samples but no pics. Maybe Friday?
After days and days of 90 degree weather, today its cool and Rainy. at last some seasonal weather!



Blogger Julie said...

What a beautiful tree!

We had a couple days of summer-like weather; it actually got up to 92 degrees yesterday. I LOVED it. Back to spring today, 60 and breezy (but it's not raining, thankfully). I'm thinking I just might be able to do a little knitting on the deck after work. That'll feel so nice!

3:01 PM, April 29, 2009  

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