Friday, May 15, 2009


I've been spindle spinning a lit of samples lately. Its a quick fix for than "I need a FO" feeling. The spindle on the right has some Red Stone fiber- I 2 plied it and am pretty happy with my spinning. The one on the right is a tumbleweed from Desert Garden Farms (same place that has the super yummy hand balm that smells like tomato plant). Anyway, I loved the fiber so soft and fluffy and the colors spun up awesome. But I made ass out of the yarn. Totally over spun, then I Navajo plied and it still feels like a coarse thread. bleh. Back to the drawing board.

This is one of th reasons I love the sample spinning.... you get a good idea what works and what dosen't. Of course I could just do the same thing with the fiber I have, but its a mind game with me. I don't want to have less of regular the batches and small sample = less commitment.

Look at this one:
from Greenwood Fiberworks. It was a "piglet tail" of merino in "Calypso" colorway from my Phat fiber box. I had a blast with this and left it as a single. Very nice wool and nice rich colors.
Another sample from Liberty Fibers-
Superwash merino in the "Forest Walk" colorway. Oh.So.Nice. the spinning was great and the colors are totally me. I have some of her "Tartan" fiber on the wheel now and hope to get a 3 ply sock yarn (fingers crossed)
Since I'm talking about Etsy, check this out: Slipped Stitch Studios
Laura has these nifty little tins filled with stuff a knitter needs. Suff like stitch markers, tape measures, a magnet to hold darning needles, pattern tamers and some totally clever "care instructions" cards.
I caught her tweet (slippedstitchCA) about an upcoming sale #400 and jumped on Etsy to be the one! Lookit she sent me:
An "I sniff yarn" magnet (so much fun) some pattern tamers, a lovley card with a stitch marker, a sheepie stamp and a tin of knitter mints! Laura, you so rock!

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