Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hats received and Hat pattern

FWIW- apparently tomorrow for me really means next week...

The beautiful and clever Amy R from Clayton NY has sent some hats! They are awesome She also sent 21 pairs of mittens. You know, just had them lying around.
These are some of the most fabulous mittens - I mean really, the knitmanship is just stunning.
Before you go asking... we are all about the hats, but Amy asked and had the mittens and well come'on- what goes better with a hat than a pair of mittens? I will MAKE SURE they get to Kristy for the plane to the Ukraine (rhyming me!)

Next up, a quickie hat in Emu Superwash. I actually won this yarn from someone else's charity project. What a better way to use it...
Here is another shot modeled by the ever patient Mayor. A basic hat and a quick satisifying knit. Want the pattern? K!

1 sk Emu Superwash DK or comparible (22sts= 4 inches on US6)

size US 6 circular needles

cast on 96 stitches- work knit 2, purl 2 around for 2 inches (careful not to twist your stitches!)

change to knit around for 5.5,6 inches from cast on edge

start decreases knit 6 K2tog around- knit 1 round plain

knit 5, K2tog around- knit 1 round plain

knit 4, K2tog around- knit 1 round plain

continue decreasing (K3, K2tog- K2, K2tog ets) in this manner until you have 6 stitches left, cut yarn and thread through live stitches- weave inside hat. Make cute pompom or tassle. There ya go. A great little hat that fits 20" to about 22" inch head.

I have another hat finished too, just need some pics and I'll post PLUS I need to show you what Trish sent (oh boy its good!)




Blogger Julie said...

What better way to use prize yarn, indeed! The Mayor is a good little doobie to model the hat for you :-)

3:26 PM, June 10, 2008  
Blogger Kristy said...

Oh wow these hats are great! That blue-green hat from Amy looks like the same pattern as one of my favorites from Bea...I'm thinking it must be a pattern that is out there somewhere and I'm going to have to find it.

The mittens are beautiful and I can't wait to have them with me! :) I'm sure they will be put to excellent use.

I know I haven't said so in the last few days but I'm saying it now: I so totally love you. You rock for helping me with this. Thank you, thank you again!

10:03 AM, June 20, 2008  

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