Tuesday, July 08, 2008

whoops, missed a week

Sorry about that... its been the usual crazy with lots of heat and aweful humidity thrown in to boot! We have a dog with one ball (do you really want to know?) and a sick 13 yr old cat (either a tooth abcess or a tumor. neither is good) Toss in swim lessons, karate and some babysitting and there ya go.

But the knitting goes on! I've finished the Shifting Hues Scarf...

I wish I could get better pictures- these do not show the awesomeness of the yarn or pattern. More pics on my ravelry page (I'll update today)
I finished the Trekking Pro Natura socks...
This is the yarn M4 gifted me for the b-day- so nice and soft. I just love the colors! Plus since I like short socks and have a small foot, there is enough for a 2nd pair- combined with a solid for heels and toes. Whoot!
And I finished up another hat for the 300 hat project- same yarn as before (I have 3 or 4 skeins) and a basic hat recipe
Whew! That's not even counting the spinning. I have to get that act together and document better.
Now I have another hat, Rivendell socks, an insane silk sweater (as in What was I thinking) and a few other odds and ends to keep me outa trouble (mostly at swim and karate)
That's my summer. How is your summer going??

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Blogger Julie said...

Wow, woman; you are really cranking out the knits, aren't you?! I haven't accomplished much knitting this past week at all; hopefully, I'll have another hat done for tomorrow's post though. I'm shooting for a hat a week :-0

I have been spinning, but boy, do I need practice!

10:11 AM, July 08, 2008  
Blogger Charity said...

Beautiful scarf! Ruth is amazing, eh? I love this pattern! :0)

1:13 PM, July 08, 2008  

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