Friday, January 04, 2008

The end of 07

I was reminded by M4 yesterday that I have not posted a few things. Mr. Wonderful got a new laptop and the wireless card is not working PLUS The Mayor got a new Webkinz at Christmas so my own pc time has been limited. Excuses, excuses.

First up I got a prize from Trish's Blogiversary contest!An awesome skein of sock yarn, a snowman dishcloth and a little knit bag (filled with Dove chocolates! yum!) Thanks again Trish!

Then I finished up spindle spinning some super fun batts I got at MDSW- I was really pushing it to get it all on one spindle! I wanted one big skein.What I ended up with is 146 yards 2 ply bulky yarn! There is a lot of stuff in here- glitter, wool, bits of string and just about every color under the sun and lots of green to tie it all together. Its thick, thin and crazy!Then I recovered from all my Wuh-hoo'ing and knit myself some Alpaca Sox The colors are kinda funky in these pics... much more purple and blue in life
I used Kristy's toe up mock cable pattern again with the Sherman Heel
I wore these sock New Year's Day! So soft and yummy! But I did wear them with my Crocs and felted them a tiny bit on the bottoms. Oh well, they still fit great and feel even better.

The New Year chimed in at midnight and I made sure to have cash and knitting in my hands (1 so I'll have money, 2 that there be lots of knitting). 12:01 am I was casting on another pair of socks for me (in the Lorna's Laces I had dyed) and 12:06 I started the Dragon Scarf for the Mayor.

Guess what? I finished the scarf last night and its blocking as we speak. Pics soon.
Pretty neat for the first FO of 08!

Guess what 2? I've actually been knitting on my Monkey socks- started so long ago that nobody remembers. That's one of this years resolutions- clean up UFO's and get my needles back!

Guess what 3? The other resolution is to open an Etsy shop and sell this stuff leftover from the shop. Plus maybe sell some of my handspun.

Wish me luck!

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Blogger Charity said...

Wow! Sounds like life's been busy! With everyone home from school, my computer time has been limited, too. :0)

1:03 PM, January 04, 2008  
Blogger Julie said...

Well, get on the stick and get that shop open; I'm ready to buy!!!

I can't wait to see the dragon scarf; I'll bet the Mayor loves it!

Your Alpaca Sox are gorgeous; I can just imagine how soft they are.

Love the crazy yarn you spun :-)

1:04 PM, January 04, 2008  
Blogger Tala said...


I LOVE the sock yarn from Trish - what is it? Gawjeous!

7:27 PM, January 06, 2008  

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