Monday, August 03, 2009

Where every day is Fursday

Wow, finally a bit of time to blog instead of tweet...

A few weekends ago we took Gunnar (and the boy) to a herding clinic. Very much fun all around.
When you first get into herding and livestock, you need to learn how the animals will respond to different pressures so YOU go out first and "herd"DH herding sheep. Harder than it looksFinally Gunnar got a turn! OH BOY, He loved it! He was doing his puppy bark and trying hard to get those sheep
The corgi's are back for their holiday. They came for a weekend (last) and now are back for the week. They make themselves right at home
Of couse Peppy was here too. Hanging on the couch (doh) with his buddy
I call this shot "Little Evils"
Chestnut belongs to another friend of ours and she was here for the week too. (the got her a few Christmases ago and her boy would sing "Chestnuts roasting over an open fire" to her)Such a happy well behaved puppy! I miss her wiggle butt

Shea is Peppy's best-ist buddy and they wrestle all the time. She is very gentle and will lay down so he can nibble her ears.
7 dogs at one time, mostly over weekends and this is why I had to dump the bagless vacumn 3 times on Sunday. Only 3? well, I've been sweeping a bit each day to keep the fur down. Right now we have just the 5 puppers and the house seems quiet.
In knitting news.... I finished and shipped another set of projects for Schaefer yarn, this one not to be blogged. Now I can get back to work on my rainbow socks and maybe even some weaving.
Can you believe its August already? WTF happened to June? The summer is just flying by