Friday, October 31, 2008


Warning- picture heavy post ahead. Mostly due to my inablity to post as I go . Sorry

I was reading email with The Mayor nearby and he saw the pattern for Boo!
Of course he had to have one and what kind of knitter would I be to deny a hand knit request? Knit in Lamb's Pride on US 7's. Safety eyes and poly stuffing. Batty (so named and not by me) has been having a good time I did a hat for myself recently- Alpaca yarn purchases at AC Moore with a coupon. I did a longer top with a tassle and its the warmest hat (next to my Noro hat) that I own. The only problem is that I forgot how much the alpaca will stretch and drape. But still, I think it looks cute.
Deets on my Ravelry page (hopefully)

I finally finsihed the headscarf project I've been toting around for the last few months- the leftover Forest Floor yarn from my Rivendell socks. The scarf is great and worked perfectly for "green day" at preschool! lol The pattern is the Bad Hair Day scarf and I used US 4's. Sorry, it was tough enough getting a pic of me modeling the hat- the ones of the scarf did not work out

I never even posted about my lastest (and prolly last EVER) acquisition.... a Ladybug spinning wheel. I have been kicking myself ever since Maryland Sheep & Wool for not picking one up. Finally I caved and ordered it from The Woolery. I loves it with the heat of a thousand suns. Its just such an awesome wheel, what else can I say?
So far I've spun: 3.4 oz 50% superwash merino, 50% bamboo "Rose Garden" from Butterfly Girl Designs on Etsy (her fibers rock) The yarn came out to be a DK weight and 193 yards.

4oz 100% Alpaca "The New Black" from Spunky Eclectic. I was purposefully going to somehthing thicker and got a heavy worsted yarn, 66 yards. So soft and yummy.

Oh and I finished up the Hemlock Ring blanket expansion- 5 feet was just not enough to wrap around my shoulders. Now its about 6 feet and perfect! Looks the same, just bigger.

OTN, a new muffler for the Mayor, Oma Blu's Christmas socks, a swirl shawl, and about eleventy million other little things- HELP I have startisitus bad!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Go Fish

Pretty Please, does anybody have a skein or 2 of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in Cherry Blossom? My friend Sandra (blogless) needs it for a project she is conceiving. Willing to pay &/or trade!

finished the Hemlock Ring blanket expansion, a head scarf and a knit bat.
updates soon, really really.


Monday, October 06, 2008

You remember that Hemlock Ring blanket

I just finished? well.... I decided I wanted it bigger. Saturday night I picked out the crocheted chain edge and did another increase row. Just in case I wanna go crazy I got another skein of Eco Wool too.
So I'm not gonna bore you with pictures, but will give the finished measurements when (ever) its finished.

AND Bean Girl & I went on a field trip to visit Tola at her LYS Woolbearers. While there we may have fallen in love with the Swirl Shawl. How cool is that?? Pattern and yarn have been ordered and we will be KALing shortley. Anyone else interested? lol

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Portrate of a Bulldog

This is Rocky the Bulldog in his yard complete with a bone in his mouth, swing set and pool...
I love art!


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

FO's & more

I did a dog sweater. Seriously. Well, its not really a dog, its a chihuahua . Here is Peppy. He belongs to Cookie and her mom (I babysat Cookie lots in the spring)

Peppy is only a few months old and he needed a sweater that would fit. I used Howie's Knit to Fit Dog Sweater (Rav) (non rav) and some Encore Worsted with size 7 needles. Basically its OK.. the math formulas were off so I fudged it. I will do it again and will change it to knit in the round and fix the sleeves so they don't pull. But hey, its cute no matter!

I finished AND blocked my Hemlock Ring Blanket(Rav) (non Rav).62 inches across and 2 skeins of Cascade Eco Wool. Still a big hunk left too
This was such an awesome easy knit... and it would have been done is less than a week if I tried. As it was, it only took 2 weeks of very leisurely knitting.

My dishrag tag team came in 3rd place!

Actually it was a tie, but placement depends on what order the mailman puts the packages in the mailbox. I had such a great team. Everyone was on board and posted lots of encouragement on the DRT forum. Lots of fun and I'll prolly do it again next year.

Last up today is Flat Stanley.Currently he has reservations to go to Long Island NY and see M4 & the cats. Is anyone else interested in hosting Flat Stanley? Basically I ship him off to you, you take some photos of Stanley doing activities in your area (museums, historical landmarks, anything interesting) and you ship him back. As an added incentive (and good manners) he comes with a hostess gift!! lol The Mayor and his first grade class will be thrilled. Any takers?

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