Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trilce a FO

Cari at Dogs Steal Yarn designed and blogged this sweater at the end of December. I fell in love and immediately begged her to let me test knit

Knit at 3.5 spi , Trilce has a gentle flair to the bottom and 3/4 length sleevesThis style looks good on many body types (modeled here by a playgroup mom) To see more body types modeling the sweater check my Ravelry notes- I'm cbast25.Project specs:

Pattern: Trilce by Cari Luna- (I'm not sure when she will make it available so just go nag her)

Yarn: Wool in the Woods Taos Tweed (60% alpaca 37% wool 3% nylon) 3 skein and 1 skein Lamb's Pride in Charcoal Heather. I didn't have enough of the Taos Tweed so I used the LP for the cuffs, botton and collar- the color really compliments the Tweed- at least I think is does. All yarn is from STASH!

Needles: Denise 11, 10, 10.5 and 9's (mostly 9's)

Fun Factor: High. 3.5 spi and yummy yarn, plus a wearable FO. Happy me!

Now on to other news....

I spent the morning putting a total of 5 things in my Etsy shop. sigh. Gotta get better at this. anyhoo go check it out! All proceeds go to the purchase of a new car....

Speaking of the car... the end result of the oil change chain company is this: They will give us $2500 and that's that. We can sue but will probably only get another $5-600 and then they could default, and then we would have to go to court again, and court fees, blah, blah, blah (this is the recomindation of our lawyer)

Thank you sir, may I have another.

They are so lucky they are not in my prescence. Just sayin'. And I will dis them to everyone within hearing for the rest of my life. Arrruuggh.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Vote for Rico

The handsome-st black kitty around- with cattitude to spare!
Go vote for Noolie's kitty

Vote for Rico



Thursday, February 14, 2008


Valentine's Day from a 6yr old boy's point of view: (cooking eggs? I asked but he just shrugged his shoulders.)
(I play. me too!)
(Mommy- Happy Valentine's Day on the back, its supposed to be a heart )

He is the cutest little boy and I hope he never changes.

Hope everyone has a very Happy Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Woe is me....

Its been tough the last couple of weeks and just gonna get tougher. Or as Scooter says "If its not one thing, its your mother".

There are normal life things going on here at the RC residence, then there are the crazyjustwrong thing happening.

Crazy Just Wrong Thing #1. the township decides to put in public sewage on my street and even though we are not hooking up to the "poop line" we still have to pay $$$$$ for the work done. yes that's five $'s. Lots of money for the poop. And let's not even talk about how much more it would be if we DID hook up.... yeessshhh.

Crazy Just Wrong thing #2. I took my awesome Mazda Protoge to a popular oil change chain store to get the oil changed. I've been there before and this location is better that some. Anyhoo... I get the job done and go home. The next day DH calls on his way into work to ask me why the OIL light is on- whoops and now the CHECK ENGINE light is on. Uh, ?
The car conks out... he gets towed to the oil changs place where they cannot get it started either. Apparently there was NO OIL in the new oil filter they installed. Meaning they neglected to put the oil back in? We will never know for sure, but we do know there was NO OIL in the car.

They have an inspecter check out the car and admit fault. Great, right? But no. In our state they are only have to pay to fix the car or give us the book value. The cost to put in a new engine is way more than the car but they are only offering (um can I tell you this?) $2800.

Now, you and I know that is NO WAY going to get us a replacement car. So now we are looking at car loans and stuff. Ooohhh and remember how much I love car shopping? aarruughhh.

Part time preschool teachers assistant & SAHM do not pay enough for a car. sigh. So I spent the morning listing a few things on Ebay and getting my Etsy shop set up. When I have Etsy stuff finally listed, I'll let you know.

Meanwhile... this is the reason for stashing yarn. There is no way I'll be able to make any purchases for a while so I'll be visiting the stash room and Hey, I may even get it straightened up! That would be a good thing. See, always a bright side to everything!

Anyway, if I seem a little frantic and less coherent than usual, well. Just hand me a drink and my knitting and it will all work out. I'm sure. Just not sure how long it will all take. Where is that drink??

Thanks for letting me vent. Back to reguarly scheduled knitting content soon


Friday, February 08, 2008

Yes, there has been knitting

And crocheting!
I made the Fiber Trends Crocheted Felt Hat for Aunt Doris. She is the one going through chemo and asked for a felted hat! Here it is pre-felt. I admit I was a bit nervous about this one. I've felted plenty, but never a crocheted item. (and do you think I would have done a test swatch? nah. Live and craft dangerously) Here it is post felting.... not too shabby! I did give it a bit of a shave, but all in all I proclaim it good.
specs: Fiber Trends Crocheted Felt Hat (see link above)
hook: size K
wool: Lamb's Pride 2 skeins in Periwinkle color and a bit of some Lamb's Pride Blue

On the knitting side, I completed my Lorna's Laces socks! Soooooo nice. This is the yarn I dyed in the class at Loop with Beth Casey (of Lorna's Laces).. back in uummmmm October?

I was looking for a pattern but decided to just knit a plain sock. I was worried I used too many colors on my yarn and it would just look like shmutz
But I think it ended up looking better knit up that in the skein!

specs: Lorna's Laces base yarn, dyed by myself

needles: KP's 1's - 2 circs

pattern: basic sock pattern with cast on of 60 stitches

Now OTN are socks for Aunt Doris, and 2, Yes 2 sweaters for myself! The Coco knits Kararina sweater and Trilce that I'm testing for Cari at Dog Steals yarn.

Oh and I traded Nicole (update you blog girl!) some fiber for a skein of the Noro Sock yarn!- she did not care for it, but I'm really loving the colors! Soon my pretty... socks for me!

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Funny


Have a great day!!