Monday, February 27, 2006

Chuck Talyors

For the same mom that got the boy 5 hr, I crocheted these to decorate the gift box.

Pattern: Annie's Attic, High Top Tennis
Crochet hook: F
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft

I lOVE this pattern. I think I've done 30 or so pairs over the course of the last couple of years. Something cute for boys! Jake "grew up" in a pair just like.

5 hr baby sweater, Boy version

Here is yet another baby sweater (its the year of baby sweaters so far)!
This is the 5 hr baby sweater, boy version. I love the duck buttons! Got lucky since I only had 3 of these cuties left. The hat and sweater are for a playgroup Mom who needed a shower gift.

pattern: 5 hr baby sweater, boy version (from the knitbabysuprise yahoo group)
yarn: Caron Simply Soft. light blue (my fav for baby stuff, machine wash & dry)
needles: Denise 10 1/2's

Hat: same yarn & needles, my own makie-up. cast on 48, 1x1 rib for 6 rows , knit for 5 inches decrease s couple of rows, then knit & purl for a mini tube. cinch the tube up and that's that.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Baby Suprise Jacket #3

Specs: EZ's BSJ
Needles: Denise 7's
Yarn : Caron Simply Soft (my fav for baby stuff, super soft and machine wash & dry). The color is Peach, with pink & purple flower buttons.

This one is for a baby shower in March (Aunt Elsie's so to be born great grandaughter)

October Madness

More beaded madness. This sample is only 13 yards of tan, red & green wool roving with yellow E beads.

I think I have the hang of this.....

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sugar & Spice Madness

Sugar & Spice Madness
Originally uploaded by Rabid Crafter.
Well, I figured out a better way to get the beads into the yarn as I spin. I spin a bit, then Navajo ply & bead, then wind on then back to spinning a bit. Get it?

So this girly-girl fiber is a sample from Tala. I got a bunch of purply/pink round & rectangular beads and spun them in for 26 yards of beaded, pink, 3 ply Madness! Much less potty mouth this time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Trades!!!!!!!!

Kim @ Cornerstone fibers posted a message on the Spindlitis group about trading for a wrist distaff. I love trades! I will try to trade for just about everything! Especially fiber and spinning things.

Here is a picture of the distaff I sent. All my own handspun with lots of jingles, coins and beads. I guess she liked it because LOOK WHAT CAME TODAY!

The Fiber is a Possum/merino, there is some Firestar multicolor, dyed silk hankies (OH BOY) Koolaid dyed polworth and Bunny Crack! (oops, I mean Angora from her rabbits). I can't wait to sit and play with my spindles and sample the goodies! Thanks Kim!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

How cool is this????? Here is my gift from DH for Valentines Day!

The Celtic Collection: Twenty-Five Knitwear Designs for Men and Women


Fishermen's Sweaters: Twenty Exclusive Knitwear Designs for All Generations

He is the BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!!!!!!!!

5 hr Baby Sweater

5 hr baby sweater
Originally uploaded by Rabid Crafter.
Done! So Cute!

another KAL
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft. Soft Green
Needles Denise 10 1/2"
Pattern : from the knitbabysupirse yahoo group

I still need to put buttons on or maybe some I cord ties and am thinking of doing matching booties, since the whole thing only takes about 4 oz of yarn.

I thinking this will be for the baby shower in March. Or maybe I'll just do another! I LOVE baby sweaters!

Myst Madness

Myst Madness
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As in WTF was I thinking. Remember Myst from a few posts ago? Well, SIL#2 said it would look good with black pearls. That got me thinking and I spun up some natural black from Madison at Star Gazing Farm then proceded to bead it.
Here is where the pain begins. Beading 50 ba-jillion e beads on a newly spun thin single was asking for problems. Namley the kind where the yarn thins out and BREAKS from pushing all those freakin' beads along!
The pain continued during the plying of the beaded yarn and Myst, since I only have a jury rigged Lazy Kate (and she was not cooperating, go figure).
So here it is, Myst Madness!

I guess it was not all that bad since I'm playing with some roving Tala gave me and beading + plying as I go! This one may be Sugar & Spice Madness.... will see

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Celtic Cap

Just in time for the BIG SNOW today! The Celtic Cap from the girl from auntie.
pattern - Celtic Cap - the girl from auntie
yarn- Cascade 220 color 8400 grey (my Favorite)
needles: sice 6 bamboo circs

notes:- 6 cable panels around. Longer than my other hats, so it will actually cover my ears! This is my training for doing Eris and Rogue. I used the old cookie sheet with a magnet to hold the chart down and mark my lines. It worked well! I would have been finished in 3 days or so, but come from the multiple WIP reality and have 3 other projects going as the same time.

Zig-Zag Scarf

I've been busy this week with multiple WIPs. I finished the scarf for Technicolor Sheep and dropped it off. If it do this again, I would definately bead the fringe.
yarn- Wool in theWoods, Capri (50%cotton, 50% rayon) 200yds
size 6's Denise needles
51 1/2 " long 4" wide after blocking

notes: definatley bead fringe. This yarn has GREAT drape and feel. It did bleed when soaked, but just a bit. Also it was a bit splitty (all those cotton strands)

It fits and looks good if I do say so myself

Here is the little man in his new sweater! I think he likes it! Acutally he is a very happy baby.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


The scarf and pattern for Star Gazing Farm is DONE! Yeah me!
It is printed out and boxed up to go live with Farmer Anne @ Star Gazing Farm
If anyone happens by here and is interested, check out the link for the farm. I believe she will be selling the yarn and pattern on her web site.

Oh and I named it:
(Takes a Walk)

The large horseshoe cable is Hawthorne and the smaller ones running up the sides are his farm friends! Cute, huh?

Another Baby Suprise

Here is the latest Baby Suprise Sweater, this one for Brody (youngest of my brother's 5).
Bernat Cotton, 5 balls
size 7 needles
I picked up the stitches for the ribbed cuff with size 5 needles (36 stitches to be exact)
I got the cute helicopter buttons from Technicolor Sheep. A great LYS with an always helpful owner!

She asked...

Michele (only 1 "L" please) had asked about a previous post where I mentioned facecloths. Well, here is the pic . Just a knit cotton cloth, very nice for washing your face. It is only 4 " x 4" but will stretch when wet.

a bit more yarn.....

Here is what I spun from the wool I got from Tala in trade. A nice thick single, a little slubby. The color looks great, like Myst! 108 yds will knit into something neat.