Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Sock for Mary Lou

Here is one finished crocheted sock! Its pretty big. It even fits Jake! I think next time I'll down size the hook. I started the 2nd and stopped at the heel flap!
Yarn: Red Heart SoftBaby
Hook: F

I love my LYS

Laura @ Technicolor Sheep is having a sale all week ! 35% off PLUS you can get a coupon for an additional 10% off any one item!

Lookie at what I got! I used the additional 10% on a 2nd sent of Denise needles (yes I really do need 2). Bunches of Cotton Fleece, more 16" and 24" circs size 0 & 1 and some really neat sock yarn. The sock yarn on the far left is Fortissima Colori and is a denim blue with some silver glitz! I also got Trekking xxl to try out! Can't wait! ALL.ON.SALE.

Why not swing by for the sale and wish Laura a very Happy Birthday!

I will post soon on current WIPs, but some things are being done in stealth mode as the recipient my stop by and read this!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stuff for sale

I am selling everything that is not nailed down. Really.

This week I was in the craft room and decided I am never going to do these projects! So out with the digital camera and Tuesday I listed on ebay!
Tuesdays are for Ebay, this is my new Year's resolution. I hope to clean enough out of the garage that DH can acutally PARK in it!

Both kits are BRAND NEW!
The Seuss kit can be seen on ebay at <>

The frames kits (there are 2) are at <>

There are a couple of other things as well, so if anyone is interested my seller id is cbast25. Like I said, I'm selling everything! (gotta pay off Chrismas)

I figure if I clean out a bit at a time, I won't be overwhelmed.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Another for the Baby Shower........

Pattern: Swing Top click for .pdf

Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus, light Rose (less than 2 skeins)Needles: Denise 8's change to 7's for ribbing

Notes: Great pattern, really looks good on the girls! I did one last year for my niece and it came out so well, I did one for the other niece!
I have to get all these things to Mom-mom so she can wrap them before we go Sunday. NOT looking foward to this AT ALL. Must remember to pack lots of knitting, maybe some spinning too.... gah! 4 hours for a Baby Shower! Why can't I just knit a gift and be done with it???

Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Tale of 2 Knights........

I finally finished the Blue Knight and the boy is having a good time playing knights and dragons. I did the Red Knight first since "red" is his favorite color, but Red needed a buddy. I don't even think he noticed yet there is only one horse. I asked if he wanted a "Damsel" and so far the answer is "NO". Do you think he even knows what a "Damsel" is?
Doubt it.
I will get to work on another horse and possibly some other creatures some time this week.

Pattern: Fairy Tales at your Fingertips from!
Yarn: basic Red Heart and any other acrylic that had colors I needed.

Notes: great pattern, well written, makes up quick. I think I need more of these to keep in my Mom bag for emergencies (they weight loads less than all the Hot Wheels that I carry around now)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Success has gone to my head

I finished the CT&H sock and right away cast on for these:

Baby life ring socks
click for pdf.

Quick and easy once I got the cast on the right way (invisible cast on help @
The yarn is stretchy so figuring out how to hold it and not be too tight was a little tricky, but otherwise its great. They take a little longer than my usual baby booties, but I like a change every once in a while. Next time, do a 2x2 rib or something else for the sock cuff.

The most comfy socks

Here they are! Are they not cute??
Yarn: Lion Magic Stripes, color Purple Pattern
Needles: Addi Turbo's us 2 (oh boy! nice and slippery!)
Pattern: Crazy Toes & Heels Socks by Mary Ann Bettie
Her book lets you do any yarn, any guage to make any size sock.

Addi Turob's are slippery, but in a good way.
Next time, just start the 2x2 rib right away after the heel is done, the Stockinette section makes them a little slouchy. Also, use 10-15% of ball of foot not 20%
Not only are these my first socks, they were done at the SAME TIME on 2 circulars, toe up ! Which means no SSS (second sock syndrome) and they match (I don't mind the stripes are off, I could only concentrate on so many things at a time).
The book is really neat but can be VERY frustrating. She just puts so much information in there and its not set out in a way that makes complete sense. But if you just follow along, you WILL get a pair of socks that FIT.
Next I have to try a slip stitch heel then a short row heel. And then I'll do some different patterns.........

Friday, March 03, 2006

Nessarose & Elphie

0306 booties from stash2
Originally uploaded by Rabid Crafter.

Here are some cute Mary Jane's I crocheted for the baby shower at the end of this month. The pattern comes from the same booklet as the sneakers (last week entry) Annie's Attic pattern.

I think Mom-mom & I will use them to decorate the other gift packages. (the title will only make sense if you read "Wicked")

Celtic Cap II

The same pattern as before, but in color 9408 (a mix of browns). This matches his Irish wax jacket really well. Now, if he would only wear the jacket! Ignore the grumpy- but- cute boy hanging over his shoulder.

14 celtic cap5 030106
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