Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Birthday!

6 years ago today I was 26 weeks pregnant and very sick. At 4:15pm the doctors took me into the OR and delivered my son. Here he is at 1 week old. And now....
Here he is today (well actually this was Wednesday but you get the idea). He really is a miracle and the best little boy ANYBODY could wish for....

Happy Birthday !!!

Now off to continue cleaning after the family party last night... yikes! and then possibly nap


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Taking a cue from Noolie, I made a few teeney tiney preemie hats to go to the 4th annual k3tog Preemie Hat Knitting Extravaganza 5 teeny tiny hats- boy did they bring back memories! (maybe more on that later) You can get an idea of their size based on the chair seat and envelope. I used some leftover sock yarn, c/o 40 and 2x2 rib for 3 inches- decreased and pompom. The 2 larger are a baby yarn on 60 stitches, 2x2 rib, decrease and top knot. Anyhoo, they are in the mail!

Then I quickly cast on for the first Chemo hat for Aunt Doris (my fab model Mom-mom pressed into service)- This is the Odessa pattern by Grumperina done on size 4 & 6 circs. I used Karabella Margrite, 80% merino, 20% cashmere and OH BOY is it soft! Plus the pattern is super stretchy so it will fit with hair or without. It really is N.I.C.E.

Saturday my YP Bootie came in the mail-

"Kalamata" 480 yds Superwash Merino. Yum! I really like this colorway and can see socks for me in the near future... muh-haha! I'll be giving up my YP Booty club membership soon and am pretty bummed, but just cannot justify the cost much longer :(

Now I'm just finishing up a Spa Set, unfinished at Christmas and spinning a bit. I did get the jumbo flyer for her and need a bit more practice to get comfortable. yarn pics soon!

Wish me Luck! Tomorrow is The Mayor's 6th Birthday Party #1 (we have 2, one for playgroup another for family friends on the weekend). Its gonna be LOUD.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

a few FO's

Well, I didn't get into the Loopy Ewe sock club. :( So.Totally.Bummed.
But on the bright side, now I'll knit from stash, which is a very good thing.

In the meantime I've knit a few things for Mom-mom's friend at work who just had a baby.
3 washcloths in Cotlin on size 5 needles- very nice and soft. I did the ASL I Love You patten, a paw print and baby feet. Details in my Ravelry notebook. Plus a pair of Black Chucks. Of course!
January gets a bit busy with birthdays and the first is Oma Blu's! (and M4 anniversary- Happy Anniversary!, then Nephew #1's bday and The Mayor's Birthday, see? busy!)
I knit her a pair of Clover Leaf socks (like Mom-mom's) out of Maggi's Aran Merino on size 4's. Love this pattern- so quick!
Anyway, she likes wearing the socks I made her to bed (post chemo feet problems still) so I wanted a heavier pair this time. The really feel nice and look good too!

Next up: Mr Wonderful's Aunt has cancer and will be going through some aggressive treatment including chemo. Please keep her in your prayers. I'll be knitting a few hats for her and maybe a pair of socks if I can get her size. She has requested a felted hat too, so I'll try to get them done quickly
And as I can fit it in- I'm trying to knit a sweater for myself this year! Kartina from Coco knits. I feel good about this sweater. I think it may finally be "The One" (you know, that fits, looks good and that I'll wear) A spinning friend turned me on to the pattern so we're mini-KAL'ing. I've swatched AND washed the swatch, got gauge, so I'm ready. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Slay the Dragon

Wow, I can hardly believe it is Jan 12 already! Yikes.
The weather and the boy finally cooperated for a dragon scarf photo shoot... WARNING - PICTURE HEAVY POST

And of course so the fur baby did not feel left out....

"Is this OK Mom? Am I cute?"

specs: Morehouse Merino Dragon Scarf kit, dark green (Snuff), size 6 dpn's

started 1/1/08 finished 1/3/08

This was a super fun knit. The directions are detailed, almost too much so, but well written. Just have faith and feel the excitement when you make that first dragon scale ridge!

In other news, I packed Christmas up and toted back down the basement. Why does it take so much longer to un-decorate than decorate? In knitting, I've done more booties and some baby washcloths for Mom-mom to gift and still spinning the YP BFL. Plus I'm working on Oma Blu's birthday socks. More pics soon

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Friday, January 04, 2008

The end of 07

I was reminded by M4 yesterday that I have not posted a few things. Mr. Wonderful got a new laptop and the wireless card is not working PLUS The Mayor got a new Webkinz at Christmas so my own pc time has been limited. Excuses, excuses.

First up I got a prize from Trish's Blogiversary contest!An awesome skein of sock yarn, a snowman dishcloth and a little knit bag (filled with Dove chocolates! yum!) Thanks again Trish!

Then I finished up spindle spinning some super fun batts I got at MDSW- I was really pushing it to get it all on one spindle! I wanted one big skein.What I ended up with is 146 yards 2 ply bulky yarn! There is a lot of stuff in here- glitter, wool, bits of string and just about every color under the sun and lots of green to tie it all together. Its thick, thin and crazy!Then I recovered from all my Wuh-hoo'ing and knit myself some Alpaca Sox The colors are kinda funky in these pics... much more purple and blue in life
I used Kristy's toe up mock cable pattern again with the Sherman Heel
I wore these sock New Year's Day! So soft and yummy! But I did wear them with my Crocs and felted them a tiny bit on the bottoms. Oh well, they still fit great and feel even better.

The New Year chimed in at midnight and I made sure to have cash and knitting in my hands (1 so I'll have money, 2 that there be lots of knitting). 12:01 am I was casting on another pair of socks for me (in the Lorna's Laces I had dyed) and 12:06 I started the Dragon Scarf for the Mayor.

Guess what? I finished the scarf last night and its blocking as we speak. Pics soon.
Pretty neat for the first FO of 08!

Guess what 2? I've actually been knitting on my Monkey socks- started so long ago that nobody remembers. That's one of this years resolutions- clean up UFO's and get my needles back!

Guess what 3? The other resolution is to open an Etsy shop and sell this stuff leftover from the shop. Plus maybe sell some of my handspun.

Wish me luck!

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