Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Hats!

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes last week, the love was needed and appreciated. It was a bad bad week. In fact pretty much the entire month of August has sucked loud and hard. I'll be glad when the new month starts with school and associated crazyness.

Meanwhile, more hats have arrived:
5 from Meg in NY 3 from Trish at Knittin' and Lovin' It 4 from Susan at Imagine Creative Name Here (plus a mini knit meetup at Wegman's that was so much fun)
2 cupcake hats from Marianne on OK
and 12 from Sarah in NY!

Its so much fun opening hat packages and seeing all the work and love. I was on the phone with Kristy last night as we spoke about how amazing this entire project has been... it started with a measly 300 hats. Kristy thinks we may total 800 (yes, eight hundered) by the time she leaves.
Knitters are so awesome. I just can't wait till we take over the world!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yodie Cat

June 1995-August 2008 Bye buddie. I hope you're eating lots of tuna fish and napping in the sunbeam. I miss you.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Passing the box along....

The Dishrag Tag box came this morning.I quickly dumped the box of contents, reloaded it with yarn and goodies, ignored everything for the next 2 hours as I knit my dishcloth....
and just got back from the post office where its on its way to the Libby in VA. whew, my hands are tired!

My team is the Dishrag Taggers- wish us luck!

Here are the standings:


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dishrag Tag update

Emily shipped out the boxes! I should have mine by Monday.

BUT I still need to get in touch with Monica in TX- Monica!!! please email me or go to the DRT forum and post your zip code

I have Mr. working on the time-in-transit tables and should have the mailing list soon.... I'm so excited!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Much fun was had by all!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oops, I did it again...

Going off to Locks of Love today... 16 inches (straightened) and a little over 3 oz. I feel like I have a balloon head.

** fwiw, the last time I got my hair cut- 2 yrs ago- I donated too!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Its been all socks, all the time here at Chez Wack-a-Doo.
I've finished 2, yes, Two, pairs of Bee & Thistle socks (check out Impulse of Delight for info Rav link here)

I loved testing this pattern for Ruth. First, she writes a great coherent pattern. Second she dyes freakin awesome yarn.
I knit these on US1's, learned to do the Philosopher's Wool 2 handed Fair Isle and had so much yarn left over that I got a 2nd pair done. In fact I have a nice walnut size ball of EACH yarn still left. FWIW, I have a women's size 6 foot and prefer a shorter cuff but still, I bet you could easily get knee socks out of one of her skeins of yarn.
Then I finally finished up my Rivendell socks... they were treat knitting, hence the reason they took so long. Guess I wasn't that good! This is a fun pattern. Well written and fun charts. By the time you get the leg done, the chart part is over and you sail down the foot.
The yarn is Impulse of Delight "Forest Floor" and again I have enough left over for smallish project. I love this yarn with the heat of a thousand suns. If I were stuck on an island and could only have one yarn, this would be it. The colors are interesting, the yarn handles well and the yardage is supreme. I really really hope she does this colorway again.
Finally, 1/2 of a Pro Natura sock (picture taken with the help of Sammy & Cody who are taking his vacation here at Chez Wack-a-Doo) This is leftover birthday yarn and by doing coordinating heels and toes, I'm able to get another pair. (I'm feeling thrifty)
I'm on US1's and the pattern is a made up rib with mock cable. I *heart* mock cables. I expect these to be done soon, then I start Christmas knitting. (Christmas? this is just crazy. Where did the summer go?)


Dish Rag Tag, the sequel

I'm doing it again. Yup and guess what? This time I'm a CAPTAIN. que music...dum dum dummmm!

DH is rolling his eyes at my excitement.. he has no idea how low maintence I am!


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hats from Maine

Not last week, but the week before ( I think) I got a lovely heavy box from Noolie- HATS!! Some crocheted, most knit and all absolutely gorgeous.
This one is my fav-

and this one too...
Noolie has been such a great "imiginary" friend (what DH calls my internet buddies). She plays every contest, comments every post and supports each endevor whole heartedly. I'm a lucky knitter and feel so blessed to have made this amazing friend.

She's a damm good knitter/crocheter/spinner too.

Here is a link to all the hats she knit and blogged- click here and check them out.

I'm way way behind posting... life happens. I'm thinking of doing mini-posts, like a picture and just a few words. Maybe then I'll keep up?

or just list them.
Things to post: Rivendell socks- done, Bee & Thistle- done 2xs, Pro Natura- 50%, bad hair day scarf cast on.
OK fingers crossed I get some pc time later to toss up a few pics to the internet!

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

News and Info

The 3's are still coming- 2 items arrived in the mail DOA and the tractor (fixed and under warranty) broke again. I was not amused.


I fixed the toilet ($4) AND was able to fix the dryer for only $7 !!!! yeah me. (big thanks to Trish who suggested the fixing would be less complicated, she was right of course) Just rolling with the punches :)

Remember my friend Knit Boss? She's branching out and making jewlery. Such beautiful and artistic bracelets, you'll go crazy! Plus necklaces and earrings- Ohhh the earrings, wait till you see. She makes sets, so things are all matchy-matchy

I really love these...And this...Want to see more?? Go here: Laura's Jewlery Box on Etsy.

Knitting update should happen soon... I've finished Bee & Thistle (actually 2 pairs) and am back to work on Rivendell, plus the 2nd pair of Pro Natura Socks is in my go bag. Its all socks, all the time here.

Have a great weekend and stay cool! (fingers crossed I can get the tractor back and actually mow this weekend)

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