Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hats, Hearts and another Dishcloth

5 Fun Fur hats for Kate to add to her collection. All are going to Boston Children's Hospital. Kids want muppet heads, who knew? The deadline is 2/28, so there is still PLENTY of time to knit a hat or 2. 2 felted hearts bowls for the shop
Here is the pre-felt shot-
and this is post felting! I used Cascade 128 and 16" size 13's. I got 2 bowls out of one skein with a good amount left over. Fast and Fun, just how I like'em.

And another 4 corners dishcloth! This one in Peppercorn Omber. I got smart and realized
1. I don't like to pay too much attention when knitting garter
2. If I used a stitch marker to mark my slipped stitches, then I really don't have to pay attention.

Hence, this one looks MUCH MUCH better. Check out that garter kitchner! (um not too closley) But really what an awesome pattern and it makes the the perfect dishcloth!

Tomorrow- my potter friend FINALLY gets her socks!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Long Island Cats and Marshmallow Hats

Back on 12/31 I posted about 2 Marshmallow HatsI knit from the Itty Bitty Hats book. Well the Long Island Cats came to visit this weekend and M4 made a point of packing the hats with the girls so I could see the cuteness live and in person.

May I present to you Little Cat D and Little Cat C wearing Marshmallow Hats. How cute is that?

(yes, we have been reading The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. )

Monday, January 29, 2007

Pointy Sticks Podcasts


Go now and listen.

I really, really need some kind of MP3 player. Its hard to listen to the podcasts on the pc (the little voice yapping beside me). If I had a player... I could listen when I walk Gunnar! Yeah, that's it!

What do you listen to?

Gunnar's friend

Mom-mom was asking who Gunnar plays with in the park when we go for walks, so I decided to post some pics from today.
Here is Gunnar and his friend Malley. Malley is a Border Collie and is 1 month older than Gunnar.

Gunnar cries like a baby when I don't let him out of the car fast enough to see his friend. They run around like crazy trying to herd each other. Its fun to watch, but get out of the way! They don't care who is in the area, they just keep going and will knock you on your rear! This is from December- The Mayor, Gunnar, Malley and his girl. Malley's mommy is hiding!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Birthday Party for the Mayor

It was insane (but fun for all and NO trips to the E.R.) . The End.

PS. here is Little Cat C with her balloon heart. Pics tomorrow of the Long Island Cats wearing their Marshmallow Hats!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday Night Sky

I almost forgot with all the birthday excitement today! So its Saturday Night Sky for this week.
Maybe some party pics tomorrow..... I REALLY need a nap.

Friday, January 26, 2007

1 party, 2 FO's

Yesterday I had a playgroup birthday party for The Mayor. He is going to be 5 years old! He is the cutest, cudliest, nice-est, smartest little boy and I am the luckiest Mommy. I just want him to stop right here and just stay this way. Sometimes that makes me want to cry. Is that crazy?

So there was Monkey Bread, spinach dip, puppy chow, Scooby Snacks, coffee, water juice and brownie bites, everyone was well fed. The kids ran around like lunatics and the mommies chatted. After the Happy Birthday and gifts the kids ran around some more. T got the mini wooden hockey stick and was wacking the tunnel, unfortunately L was IN the tunnel at the time and got a nice cut on the back of his head. BLOOD everywhere (you know those head wounds) and off to the E.R. (just down the road). The good news is there were no stitches necessary, just ointment and converings. Whew!

After cleaning up I got out the cotton and whipped up a dishcloth for myself. Its the 4 corners dishcloth by Abigail at 1870 Pearl. She made a word doc you can download for the cloth. I LOVED this. Just what I needed to wind down yesterday. I picked a happy color and just kept knitting.... of course there are a few places I completely zoned so a few mistakes but it was therapy knitting and just for me. I love it no matter what!
I also finished a crocheted fleece blanket this week, to go to my charity project. This is from Crochet Today October 2006 issue. Basically you get a piece of fleece, blanket stitch around, then crochet a ruffle into the blanket stitch. Fun and quick! It took me almost as long to do the blanket stitch around as it did to do the crochet part. The fleece came with 2 squares, you are supposed to make a pillow by cutting fringe and tying the 2 pieces together, but instead I'll get 2 blankets out of it!
I'm going to be cleaning again and getting ready for the big shin-dig tomorrow.... wish me luck!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My wallpaper.

kmkat wants to see your wallpaper.... this is a pic I took last November of the boys on a hike .
Thanks Noolie for posting about this!

I survived the Mayor's playgroup birthday party! Only 1 incident with a trip to the ER, but no stitches. Luckily it did not involve the Mayor, just 2 of his friends. Pics tomorrow.
Now to clean up and get ready for the big one Saturday.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Spin, Spun, Spun

Ok, first go over to Amanda's wish her a Happy Blogiversary and enter her contest.

Next, LOOKIT I GOT! I bought these from Amanda's Esty shop. I may just go get the rest, so you better hurry. Yummy!
Now check this out...
I FINALLY caught up with Amanda at the shop yesterday and she gave me Christmas presents! Whoot! These *were* bits of fiber, but there were and are so awesome I spun them up immediately. See how the smaller skein is 2 ply? That's to better hold in the tufts of ANGORA! There is a bit of angelina in that one too.

Look at this one - I really tried to get a worsted weight, thick/thin yarn and its not too bad. After soaking and setting the twist, its almost a balanced skein ( with slubs and thin bits that are over twisty but on purpose, really!)

Next up is the rest of the batts Amanda gifted me. I'll have to ask her what all these are again (hey you, post a note in the comments). The colors are great, the fiber so soft and yummy.... Must.Resist.Fiber

Really, I have much to do to get ready for the Mayor's 2 parties (playgroup tomorrow and family/school friends Saturday) Really. I'll spin these up Sunday....

um ok. so maybe I slipped and the top purple skein is on my spindle. but I can stop anytime. really.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Got a question....

Where do you find information on changing your template in Blogger? Things like making the side columns smaller, adding buttons, the cool stuff! I just can't seem to find a good resource to figure this out (and need to jazz the place up a bit!)
I'd really like to make some changes before the new BIG project gets going.... maybe I'm just googling the wrong questions? I don't know what my problem is, usually I'm better at the techy stuff.

ANY help is greatly appreciated!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sick Kitty

Maeve is not feeling well.... I think its a flair up of what she had about 4 years ago. I hate it when the babies get sick. I'm giving her meds to increase her appetite and more to help with the mushy poops. Hopefuly it will pass soon and I won't have to bring her in to the vet for fluids. Last time I was giving her the fluids myslef at home..... I'm a pretty good vet tech. I'll give her another day or 2.

I just cleaned out the water fountain and she had a nice big drink so keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A New Reality Show

Kindergarten Camp Out!

The Objective: Be in the first 100 to line up to get your child into AM kindergarten
The Rules: Arrive early and get your place in line. Bundle up! Remember its January and COLD.
2:00 am- The guy leaning on the school door arrived at midnight. He was totally serious and also, not very friendly. Then me, then M's daddy (a playgroup friend). We are under the *porch* so have plenty of light and much of the wind is blocked.

2:10 am T's mommy (also from playgroup) is number 4
3:00 am More arrive, mostly daddys. M's daddy brought a laptop and DVD player! Camping in style
4:30 am the line extends out to the parking lot... about 90 people. 2 brought propane space heaters and more brought dvd players.... Caddy Shack & Invincible were 2 of the movies showing
6:00 am It actually feels colder! Maybe the wind shifted? By now my toes are cold and as a result I have to pee. The doors do not open till 7 am! aarruugghhh!
7:05 am the doors open, I get my number and RUSH to the potty! Then off to the cafeteria to wait for everything to start at 8am.
Number 2. humph. Just a little bit annoyed about being 2. Really I'm only a *little* bit competative.

Once 8 am arrived the entire process took 3 minutes. Then back home for kisses and a nap!

Their was one casuality- I was working on the fun fur caps (using a 16" bamboo) and use 2 circs when it comes time to decrease. Well, apparently it was TOO COLD for my Denise needles and I broke the join. Did you hear my scream of anguish? People came over to ask what happened. They thought I got hurt. I did finish the hat, limping along with the broken needle, doing the decreases. I started th next but could not face decreasing with the broken bits again...

Well, it was kinda fun in a twisted way. The layered woolens worked well but next time I would bring the sleeping bag to snuggle inside. Also, no plastic needles, no acrylic yarn (cold fun fur feels like yucky plastic).

Morning Kindergarten, Here We Come!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Sky

8:15 AM this morning on my way home after kindergarten registration.
I arrived at 1:50 AM and was SECOND in line. Number 2. You know, the competitive part of me is just a little bit annoyed. How crazy is that?
More deets tomorrow if DH will share the office pc so I can upload pics.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Status report

2 things today....
1- I knit up the Janie Cowel (free pattern form Knit Picks) this week since Kindergarten camp out is tonight and its going to be freakin freezing. No, I'm not camping out with Kindergarteners, but WAITING IN LINE so my son can get an AM spot. It goes by your order in line... those first get the AM spots, those later get the PM spots. We feel the Mayor will do much, much better in the AM and this is what I have to do to get what is best for my child. Crazy, huh? Its a long way from concert ticket camp outs. I'll take pics and let you know how it goes tomorrow.... if I'm coherent.
I used some Manos in stash and size 11 bamboo circs. Quick and easy. Unfortunately its TOO cowley and a bit unflattering so after tonight it will be frogged and the wool reclaimed for something better.

2- Kate over at Minestrone Soup needs fun fur hats. Yes. Fun. Fur. Hats.
Before your turn your nose up, read on. They are chemo caps for the kids in Childrens' Hospital Boston. Kids like Muppet Heads! Who knew? Hey, if I lost all my hair, you can be sure I would adorn my head with much crazyness! Here is the first of 5 I plan on donating. Quick and realtively painless. I used this pattern. Started and finished it last night. If you email Kate to get in the contest (oh yes, its a contest too!) She will send you a .pdf file with more hat patterns. Could not be any easier, right? So go get that fun fur outa your stash and GET KNITTING! The hats need to be in Boston by Feb 28, 2007 so don't be a slacker, just do it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Birthday Girl!

Here is Oma Blu opening her gift! She likes them, Yippie! Birthday kisses from the Mayor. A good day! OTN: socks for the pottery tradsies, Aran Braid socks for me and possibly a year long project for charity.... more news later

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Socks, the KIP pics

Heard about the Socks That Rock insanity? Get the skinny from Stephanie and Cara .
Now Lucia wants us all to post pics of ourselves knitting socks in public! PLUS for every entry she will donate $1 to MSF. She crazy! So go get your knit on in public and post pics, contest open till the end of the month!

I took my sock to Karate and freaked out the kids when I asked for help with the picture. I like to spread out... bag, knitting, hips & thighs... all spread out. Please excuse the lack of anything above the shoulders, it was just too bad to post. (and a bit embarrassing)

Next is me trying to be clever and take a pic of myself with sock in the studio mirror. See the little one in the purple jacket to my right? She kept moving over chair by chair to get a good look at what I was doing. She was mighty impressed . Really. She was just acting cool since I was being wierd with the camera.
I KIP socks, hats, dishcloths, all the time and think nothing of it.... to the point of not noticing if the muggles are freaked. But ask them to take your picture of you knitting, WELL! WHOOO-Wee! Now I'm noticing some strange looks..... Heh!
Back to my regular pictures.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Its a wrap!

We don't use regular gift wrap here at chez Rabies. I like to get the Mayor in on the action so I wrap in plain brown craft paper and he decorates with stickers (in this case) or cayons/markers. Each gift is a work of art.
Pics of the unwrapping later.....

Monday, January 15, 2007

When Grannies Go Bad

This was the project over the weekend. Repair a Granny Square afghan knit by a beloved family member. No, not mine, but someone who came to the shop and asked if we do repairs. How could I say no? The problem was not the huge holes and missing double crochets, but all the little ends that were broken and needed knots (yes knots) and weaving in... I was able to match the colors pretty closley and you can (or not) see bottom row is where some big repairs happened. This is just a sampling of the holes and missing bits. Its nice to see an afghan so loved. Now its fixed up and ready to go back home for more lovin' !

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Got Flakes?

Actually some of my best friends are flakes, hahahahaha ! (you know who you are!) I realized I did a bunch of snowflakes & icicles for the shop window but only took pictures of 3. Really only about 1/2 of what I craft actually gets posted! I have to do better.
Back to business...
The Mayor and I want up to hang the snow flakes and finish up the small window. Its tough getting a good picture of the overall window, but look how cute is my helper? The sweater is something Laura made and wanted to hang to add a bit of color (so don't ask about it).

I think it looks pretty good with the "snow", icicles and flakes! It may be the closest thing to snow we get this year.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday Sky

Today was overcast and rainy (again) so I'm using the picture I took on Wednesday. Besides, its pretty and I wanted to share.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Walk Faster!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I was visiting a Mom friend (who is just getting back into knitting) yesterday. The boys were playing and we were knitting & chatting. I find out she is a POTTER! (is that right? or do I say she pots?) Well, I LURV me my pottery (bought our dishes from a potter in Ireland on our honeymoon)!
So somehow I get her to show me some of the things she has done - aren't they pretty? Aren't They Mine?! Are you so jealous?

She is doing tradsies for all this green pottery goodness. Guess what she wants?


Muh-haha. I'm taking over the world with hand knit socks!

But I have a Potter! A local pottery artist! Signed stuff! Function & Beauty
(I should have taken more pics of her stuff. So Cool! Maybe next time ?)