Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Wednesday

Remember how the cherry tree looked last week? Well here it is as of Sunday: Petals have already started to fall..... sigh. All that work for a few days of beauty.

I've been knitting more wee tiny socks and spinning samples but no pics. Maybe Friday?
After days and days of 90 degree weather, today its cool and Rainy. at last some seasonal weather!


Thursday, April 23, 2009


Wow, its Fursday already!
Gunnar had surgery on Monday to remove the undecended testicle aka The Lost Boy. Mission accomplished, but he needs to take it easy for the next 10 days. That means no wrestling with the puppers. Everyone is taking turns being out and about, but its killing Shea that she cannot give him kisses. Here she is keeping her buddy company.

I was watching Rocky's (the bulldog) kids yesterday. G-man is almost 2 and LOVES the doggies. They love him back- here is Pal giving G-man sloppy kissesYou know how hard it is to get a NON blurry picture of these dogs? This is 2 puppies and G-man's older sister, can you see everybody? They had her pinned on the couch and were kissing the giggles outa her!
Much fun! I'm hoping to get an outside team shot this weekend. What are the odds everyone is still?
I'm knitting wee tiny socks and spindling samples- maybe pics later


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Wednesday

Today for your pleasure, a bunch of pictures and unrelated things:

1. I kinneared Santa at the Phantoms hockey game last week. Who knew he was a fan? The boy was too freaked out to go say hi and ask for a photo, hence the kinnearing. 2. craft mo-jo is coming back. I've spindle spun a bunch of samples from the Phat Fiber March box. Can I tell you how much fun the Phat fiber box is? Seriously, I love samples. So.Much.Fun3. I'm crocheting using the Queen Anne's lace (named after the flower, not the person). This yarn is Tess' sock and baby that I got at MDS&W in 07. Sorry for the blurry, but take my word for it, coming out way cool. 4. Speaking of the Phat Fiber box, I got April's box today. I could spend hours jsut fiddling with the samples.

5. I got a spindle in the April Phat Fiber box from Zebis Designs (awesome!) and immediately spun up one of the samples:
6. also in the mail I received the awesomest Earth Day card evah' - from Noolie's grandaughter Clover. Much cuteness on the inside too! Thanks Clover! 7. ooh lucky 7! I didn't even plan this. Anyway, Charity was asking for some green in her post today so here ya go kiddo! The acre of green green grass out the front door, plus the cherry tree. 4.5 hrs on Saturday just cleaning it all up. I was a hurting pup.

Happy Random Wednesday and Earth Day!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wee Tiny Sock Swap

Knit a little sock, get a little sock, make new friends.

I'm in. How about you?

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm hoping to do a weekly thing to get me back into blogging regularly, so here ya go: Fursday.

This is a shot of our favorite bulldog chasing the puppies who were chasing Gunnar who was chasing the frisbee. Notice that he is not actually Behind the puppies? Yeah, well after 1 or 2 throws, he decided to hang back a bit and cherry pick the frisbee. (which didn't work too well since Gunnar and the toy are already back at Daddy for the next throw)

One of the fun things watching the dogs run around the yard is comparing the breeds- the GSD's can turn on a dime, 180, jump and stop. The Bulldog? He can run. He cannot turn, 180 or God forbid even stop. Don't get in the way. It hurts like a 70 lb boulder smashing into you. Ask me how I know.

Don't let that mug fool you. He's a spoiled attention hog with bad manners. But we loves him :)

Gratuitous craft content: the mojo is slowly coming back. I've been spindling wool samples from my Phat Fiber March box. I have some done and about 4 other spindles going. PLUS I'm crocheting a Queen Anne's Lace something (prolly end up a scarf) with some Tess' yarn purchased at MDS&W on 07. pics maybe soon, but don't hold me to it!


Sunday, April 05, 2009

What mood is this?

I've been in a strange mood lately... I feel like making something, but I don't know what. No project OTN or even in my Ravelry que interests me. I go toss stuff around the craft room hoping something will catch my eye...nothing yet.

Its technicaly spring, shouldn't I be casting on new projects like bunnies? What is up with this mood and when will it go away?

I leave you with a picture of one spoiled puppy girl: Shea says "I'm so comfy on the couch, come give me cuddles"

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