Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Needle felting

Needle felting
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My first attempt at needle felting.... who knew how much fun this would be! I could NOT stop stabbing the wool with the very sharp, barbed needle. We already know I have issues.
This was loads of fun and I can see maybe adding some Steelers logos to the Mr's felted BLACK clogs. Or more flowers on felted bags, or adding shapes to hats......

3+ yrs and finally I hang a curtin

Originally uploaded by Rabid Crafter.
Yes, its true. We have lived here 3 plus years and I never hung a curtin in my kitchen window, till now that is.... ta-da! Scribble lace curtin, inspired by Mason-Dixon Knitting ! Fun, quick and totally works in the window. I added the crocheted chain loops later a day or 2 later and was suprised how quickly I'd become used to the new display. When I took the works down to add the chains, I thought "jeez, the window lookes naked!"

Friday, July 14, 2006

This would be easier if I would post more....

Here is the baby kimono from the Mason-Dixon knitting book! (the reason I bought it) So cute, so quick! And already shipped off the the newest baby in my life!

Next are 2 water bottle holders, crochted and posing nicely in the dogwood tree.

The hammock I made to go in the window display for my favorite LYS . Makes a fun summer display!

Next is "You're Gonna Catch Flies" from the summer CrochetMe.com. LOVE this! So much fun for the boy to count flies and put them in the frogs tummy!

This is the Landscape Shawl, scarf version. Fiber Trends pattern

This is Mom-mom modeling a crochted hat (pattern in an old magazine that I can't find right now)

Hopefully I'll get more time to post better descriptions and more info on each project. Its just crazy around here....

Think I have issues?

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