Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Best Birthday Evah.

First, 4 hats from the lovely and talented Veronica. Whee!!!!! Check out those miters! Yesterday was my birthday and it was GREAT! In fact I've had a month of superbusycrazyness with some awesome gifties thrown in...

Lookit Tola gave me... see that yarn? It has REAL SILVER threads spun in- So.Nice. Plus she made me a bunch of magnets (that the Mayor promptly took) and some pressed pennies (not pictured). I'm thinking a Tangled Faries (Ravelry link). Won't that look cool??

Last weekend The Mayor and I went to visit M4 and the Long Island Cats. It is a testament of my love for her that I make that 3+ hr drive of traffic stalls and mentally unhinged NY drivers, nuff said.
Anyway, she gave me a skein of Trekking Pro Natura and a set of Lanter Moon Ebony dpn's. (please note, M4 does not knit. She found a shop and charmed the ladies into helping her) I promptly cast on a sock (to decompress after the drive) and by the next morning was knitting the foot.... then the bad thing happened. I snapped a needle. WTF??? Potty mouth ensued and sock was put in time out. When we got home, I ripped and re-cast on with Knit Picks 1's - 2 circs.
The first sock has been completed (swim lessons this week) but is in the car so pics after sock 2 is toast.

Mail call yesterday brought this lovely package to my door....
Not the spindles, but all those fibers!!! (I couldn't wait and tested a bunch) The Amazing, Beautiful and Talented Noolie sent this package of Birthday Love! With stitch markers by her Fabulous Daughter Samm!

The purple/blue is an angora silk that I did not even pre-draft and look at how thin its spinning...

I can hardly believe it myself!

The red/brown is a center pull bump of Alpaca/Merino (I did not know roving came in center pull bumps)The bright blue is 4oz of merino/tencel, "Blue Hawaii" by Sereknity . I have it in the bowl on the server so I can pet it everytime I pass by (lots).

Other gifts included beads for my Chamilia bracelet from Mr., the Mayor and Mom-mom. Then a trip to Wegman's with lots of goodies (peanut butter pie, cookies and diet coke) and a hot Roast Beast sandwich from Riddle Ale House rounded out the day.

Thanks to everyone for all the calls, email and cards. Its a great way to start off my 41st year.

I asked if I can have a birthday next weekend.....whatdoyouthink? ;)

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Check In

I finished the Swing Top (Ravlery link) for the little girl I babysit:
She LOVES Gunnar and neither one can keep still
Some outside shots...
I made the 6 yr old size so it fits nicely with room to grow! I used TLC Cotton Plus so her mommy does not have to worry about special washing instructions. I also finished up another hat (basic hat recipe) for the 300 Hat project. Alpaka yarn- sooo yummy!
Check this out!!! Trish sent me a birthday gift!!! A great card, a sweet dishcloth (already in use) and a skein of sock yarn by The Knittery. Its 60% Merino, 20% CASHMERE and 20% nylon hubba hubba! I have it in a potter bowl on the server so I can admire /pet it each time I walk past. She finds the best stuff, really. Just nuts.

Now my next obsession is the Shifting Hues scarf by Ruth. I got the sock yarn in "Forest Floor" but as soon as I saw this pattern, I ordered the BFL too.
I'm a bit further along than this and you can really see how the colors just sweep from side to side. So Freakin' Cool.
And speaking of obsession and birthdays.....
I have been going nuts for Chamilia beads and wanted a bracelet like crazy soooooo....DH "got" (as in paid) for one for me... plus a few beads! LoveLoveLove it. I have the paw, a little boy, friend and seasons (from Oma blu), a claddagh and motherhood. I'm getting a few more too as the actual day comes closer. Fun!
OK, the Mayor has some peeps over to play, so I must go keep an eye out that they do not make another mud puddle.
Stay cool

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hats received and Hat pattern

FWIW- apparently tomorrow for me really means next week...

The beautiful and clever Amy R from Clayton NY has sent some hats! They are awesome She also sent 21 pairs of mittens. You know, just had them lying around.
These are some of the most fabulous mittens - I mean really, the knitmanship is just stunning.
Before you go asking... we are all about the hats, but Amy asked and had the mittens and well come'on- what goes better with a hat than a pair of mittens? I will MAKE SURE they get to Kristy for the plane to the Ukraine (rhyming me!)

Next up, a quickie hat in Emu Superwash. I actually won this yarn from someone else's charity project. What a better way to use it...
Here is another shot modeled by the ever patient Mayor. A basic hat and a quick satisifying knit. Want the pattern? K!

1 sk Emu Superwash DK or comparible (22sts= 4 inches on US6)

size US 6 circular needles

cast on 96 stitches- work knit 2, purl 2 around for 2 inches (careful not to twist your stitches!)

change to knit around for 5.5,6 inches from cast on edge

start decreases knit 6 K2tog around- knit 1 round plain

knit 5, K2tog around- knit 1 round plain

knit 4, K2tog around- knit 1 round plain

continue decreasing (K3, K2tog- K2, K2tog ets) in this manner until you have 6 stitches left, cut yarn and thread through live stitches- weave inside hat. Make cute pompom or tassle. There ya go. A great little hat that fits 20" to about 22" inch head.

I have another hat finished too, just need some pics and I'll post PLUS I need to show you what Trish sent (oh boy its good!)



Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm a Wii-nee

Yes, I got a Wii Fit and its sucking up what was my blogging time (that and mowing the lawn)- but I love it (Wii Fit, not mowing)! So much fun as long as I don't overdo (and that's easy) and cripple myself for days... anyway, I'm hoping a bit of exercise every day and better eating will get me on my way to a healthier lifestyle....

Next up, I knit a something for Charity's baby but as she has not received it yet, you get this picture...

a blue blob. Cute, huh?

And there has been sock knitting, oh yes!

This is Spunky Eclectic tough sock yarn in "Time of the Month, Rage, Chocolate and Tears" The pattern is"Mock Wave Cable Socks" from Favorite Socks Check out those waves! These were a fun knit and are to be gifted later.

Next are Yarn Pirate "Icicle" socks in Kristy's "Lori's Socks" pattern that I tested and became obsessed knitting.... (really, this is the like the 4th pair in this pattern)

Some day when the planets align, Kristy will write it up and share with everyone!!!Until then, check out the awesome Sherman Heel

and all those tiny mock cables! These socks are a belated b-day gift for JEN. (so email and remind me when you're coming to visit, K?)

There has been hat knitting too... AND a package received with hats + mittens, but I'll save that post for tomorrow

Have a great day

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