Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Packages from afar

Back in February I received the best package from Canada. Specifically from Charity ! She sent a fun Pokemon game for the boy, fiber, candy, yarn, a lamb (Meekins she is living with my ladybug wheel right now) and some totally nifty sew items like a tissue pack holder and key fob.Can you see the yarn? Kidsilk haze! yummie! And the fiber? You can't see the color of the ball, but its just beautiful PLUS the white package is SILK- squeeeee. Dye or spin as is? gonna be a tough call. There was 2 small boxes of candy too, a HUGE chocolate covered cherry in each. I shared one with The Mayor and hid the other (so well that I can't find it now). So good. I googled , but it looks like they are only made in Canada. There are a few on line retailers though, so I may have to get more.

I forgot to put these socks in last weeks post. A pair of "Purse Socks". You know, the socks you carry around with you and work on while waiting? They are Austermann Step in color 0027

My basic sock recipe on us 1's. Fun color and I made no effort to match. I think they are more fun this way.

I'm working on a sample knit for Nelkin Designs Its a great knit and I'm sure it will be very popular. The new purse socks are for The Mayor. They take no time at all! I'm already done the first and of course its the beginning of the month so there is a new dishcloth design to knit as well.

The new laptops are working out OK. Windows 7 is very different and I'm trying figure out how to do stuff without locking it up every day, but no go so far. Not sure if its the OS or the user ;) But I did get all my iTunes music and podcasts onto the new so that's the most important thing.

I think I'm going to look for that other chocolate covered cherry now....

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

OK puppies! Look Here! Say Happy Easter!
look here, look, look......

OK guys, try again! Here, look here! No, HERE.......

Once more for the blog.... come on! Look Here...

OK that's about as good as its gonna get . One out of 3 with no helper to wrangle the dogs while I snap pics. (there are LOTS more, but theses are the only ones in focus)

I've had lots of guest doggies recently so they all got to participate in the Easter shenangins ;)

Here is Max, he will do anything for the boy, including leaving on silly bunny ears so I can get a picture.
Shane will do anything for a cookie. He's a cookie 'ho. This is why one if his knicknames is "Fattycakes". Oh wait, its one of mine too...
Here is Raschal. Raschal says, "I'm sooooo excited to see the Easter Bunny, I think I'm gonna pee. Oh wait, I did. Pee that is. Sorry."
Its ok Rascal. Its not you, its your breed. Cockerpoo's are not known for their strong bladders ;)

(see Noolie, ANYTHING to avoid housework!)

Happy Easter everybody!


Friday, April 02, 2010

In Reverse Order

Because this is how blogger loaded them and I have not figured out how to move them on the new laptop.... (new OS, and the the touchpad are giving me fits)

I've been doing a ton of knitting this year, really look:
A mini reversible duck to bunny
'I used some Cotton Fleece and Patons (gold for the ducks bill and feet) and us 5 needles.
It was totally rockin cute. I say was because yesterday Paladin grabbed it off the breakfast bar and "loved it up". One ear is mangled on the bunny and the bunny face is messed up. Plus its covered in dog spit now. gggrrrr, not like the floor does not have 10 bones and dog toys littered around, Pal has a thing for handknits and handspun.

I wrote a crochet cowl and fingerless mitts pattern for Schaefer yarn Miss Priss.
Its a fun project and you can get both out of one skein! The pattern will come out sometime in the fall.

I knit the Snuggler Model for Nelkin Designs

What a great hoodie! I really had a hard time giving it back. I used Schaefer Heather in Indigo. The fabric has such a delicious feel, totally yummy. My only problem was that I knit it in a medium and have not been a "medium" since before the boy was born ;) I had a friend model it and was was in love with the lace on the sleeves and the pocket!
The pattern is great, the lace makes it fun and I'd love to do another in my size. Seriously, I'm gonna knit a sweater for ME this year.

I did a soaker too for the friend of a friend-
Patons classic wool in bright red and I added some crocheted butt ruffles! too cute!

I've been knitting the dishcloths from the Monthly dishcloth KAL group too- I'm going to try to do them all this year (and get the stash down) (all Ravelry links) So, that's 6 already! go me.

All in addition to being sicksicksick, working, babysitting and dogsitting! But at least I have a good (?) working laptop now so I'm hoping this will let me blog more often..... maybe:) we will see...

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