Saturday, July 26, 2008


Ever get a streak of bad luck? Notice that it comes in sets of 3? Well, at least is does for me.
Take this week for example:
1.The dryer broke. Just broke. It goes, but does not tumble. Still not sure if its worth getting fixed or not..
2. I broke the tractor. The belt that spins the blades snapped. At least I had already mowed the front yard.
3. I broke the toilet. I really don't know how since it was 2am but some how I broke the lever that pulls the plunger up.

I'm hoping that's it for this run of bad ju-ju.

I leave you with this picture of Maeve.

She got that sheepy pinned down good!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today's mail is brought to you by:

Sara at FabricNFiberFanatic 22 hats and 5 pair of cushie slipper socks! Can you believe it?

Here is my absolute favorite hat-

A jester type of hat with mitered squares- so much fun!

Sara you rock! I'm getting a little weepy, 'scuse me while I go get some tissues.....


Monday, July 21, 2008

Bee & Thistle

I'm in Love. Seriously.
Lookit this sock kit: Bee & Thistle by Ruth at Knitting on Impluse
So.Much.Fun. (this is the heel flap)
Here is the Thistle pattern. Again, the camera is giving me fits, but you get the idea.

Ruth dyes her own yarn and has come up with this awesome kit. I love her yarn - recently knit the Shifting Hues scarf and Rivendell socks in her "Forest Floor" and when she first posted these socks I went a little crazy.

Actually I think I nagged her. Just a bit. She was very nice about it:)

The kit came Saturday and I cast on right away. I even took it to Longwood Gardens for Fountains and Fireworks. The sock had a good time, even though it was eleventy million degrees outside.

I believe Ruth will make the kit available sometime soon, I'll post when she does. Or go snag some of her other beautiful yarns, she even has lace weight.
Speaking of Rivendell-

one done, the other is on hold till Bee & Thistle are complete.

Gonna be hot again today. Hopefully the boys will want to stay inside to play and I can work on the socks.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh Look, it must be Tuesday!

Time for the Tuesday check in, yeah me!
First up, another hat for the 300 hat project. This is some Manos that I rescued from a doomed project. I'm happy with how it turned out and have more of the same wool for at least one more hat. Finally some proof my spinning.... 4 oz BFL Spunky Eclectic "Time of the Month- Rage, Chocolate and Tears" I was able to spin even and much more thickly for a bulky (5-7 wpi) at 98 yards. I'm pretty darn pleased with the plying on this yarn (chronic underplyer)
Last week, the Mayor had swim lessons (again) at a new place and thank goodness I was KIP'ing because I met BeanGirl (link to her Rav profile)! It was great having a knitter to chat with while the kids were swimming. Anyway, she made a hat for the project... how cute is this? She is such an awesome knitter, its gonna be fun getting to know her
Here is a progress shot of my Rivendell socks... sorry for the bad pic, the camera seems to be having fits lately. The yarn is SO.NICE. its from Ruth at Knitting on Impulse in "Forest Floor"
I'm just loving the colors and the pattern is great- I'll get a better pic soon

Last up today is more proof of spinning: 4 oz of Columbia/Romney handdyed that I picked up at Woolbearers. I just set the twist, but it looks to be bulky and pretty even. Once its all dry I'll figure the yardage. This was a nice quick spin on the wheel and the purple/green reminds me of the Muppets.

What is up with this camera? Everything is blurry lately. Or is it me?

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

whoops, missed a week

Sorry about that... its been the usual crazy with lots of heat and aweful humidity thrown in to boot! We have a dog with one ball (do you really want to know?) and a sick 13 yr old cat (either a tooth abcess or a tumor. neither is good) Toss in swim lessons, karate and some babysitting and there ya go.

But the knitting goes on! I've finished the Shifting Hues Scarf...

I wish I could get better pictures- these do not show the awesomeness of the yarn or pattern. More pics on my ravelry page (I'll update today)
I finished the Trekking Pro Natura socks...
This is the yarn M4 gifted me for the b-day- so nice and soft. I just love the colors! Plus since I like short socks and have a small foot, there is enough for a 2nd pair- combined with a solid for heels and toes. Whoot!
And I finished up another hat for the 300 hat project- same yarn as before (I have 3 or 4 skeins) and a basic hat recipe
Whew! That's not even counting the spinning. I have to get that act together and document better.
Now I have another hat, Rivendell socks, an insane silk sweater (as in What was I thinking) and a few other odds and ends to keep me outa trouble (mostly at swim and karate)
That's my summer. How is your summer going??

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