Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Baaas is coming to town!

I must have been a good knitter this year 'cause look at what I got!!!!!!!!!
Santa Baaas has arrived courtesy of Deb at Live and Let Learn. She wanted to know our family Christmas traditions and was collecting comments.Lucky me, I am a winner!
Her husband makes lampwork beads and sells them in his Esty shop, Glastonbury Glassworks.
She sent along this awesome glass ornament bead marker too! I'm going to put it on my Chamila bracelet. Can you stand the Cuteness?

Scott (Deb's husband) made some helpers for Santa and has them in his shop, as well as more crazy cute sheep and beautiful glass beads AND buttons. I have the shop in my favorites and can't wait to see what else he makes.
** note: puppies like to chew my leather cord holding Santa. Hide under shirt while cuddling. (puppies, not Santa)
knitting updates soon... legwarmers, fingerless glover and Christmas socks for ME!
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Saturday, December 20, 2008


DH found out about a litter of white German Shepherd puppies last week- about 1 week after we found out Mishap was coming to live with us.... oh well. The more, the merrier.

He loves white GSD's and the fact that they were 5 minutes away, well we had to check them out.
I said this time I want a girl.
I got my wish! (and some)DH and The Mayor wanted the boy (a big lug) and I wanted the sweet cuddly girl. So we compromised and got both.

Here is my Shea, sleeping on my lap and getting a belly rub... and here is Paladin (Pal for short). Happy smiles on his face, all cuddled up with daddy
count so far:
3 dogs
2 cats
I'm expecting a couple of frogs too, in the next couple of days. Fun times!
The Mayor is over the moon. Gunnar is getting used to having the young'uns around. Its gonna be hard to top this Christmas!
whatcha planning for Christmas?
Merry Merry!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Out in the hall

We stop at WaWa (convience store) tonight after The Mayor's karate belt test. (green belt now, yippie).
He gets a hot dog and some cookie milk. I'm preparing a salted carmel hot chocolate al-la Tola.
The boy looks at my drink and asks "Is that out in the hall?"
me: "eh?"
him: "Out in the hall, you know, out in the hall"
me: "Huh?"
him: "Because I want a taste and I don't want to be knocked out"
me: "ohhhhhhhh. you mean Alcohol. Oh. No, there is no out in the hall in here"

Really, its not like we're big drinkers. less than one a month. I have no idea where he got the bit about being knocked out- 'prolly the bus.

Mishap says: "Time to eat?"

At least someone is using the kitty pi.

oh, did I tell you her story?
Her previous owner came into the vet's office, handed her to a guy in the waiting area. Said "hold my cat, I left my wallet in the car, be right back".
Never came back.
Poor kitty.

So along comes me and there ya go. a 2nd cat. vet gives her a makeover and a clean bill of health and here she is.

She is very sweet and lovey. So far is ignoring Maeve (who stil have not forgiven us for Gunnar, almost 3 yrs later and has crazy kitty potty mouth everytime she sees Mishap- I have not idea where she learned such language)
Missy does not like Gunnar either, but we're working on it. She gave hime a nice roundhouse punch in the nose today. sigh.

Oh and we pick up the puppies tonight.
Story later.
I really should update about my knitting but that would require more brain cells than I have left at this point ;)


Friday, December 12, 2008

Shoot, I wish I knew this last week...