Friday, May 16, 2008

More hat info

I've gotten a lot of questions about the 300 Hat project:

We would prefer wool or wool blend, but if you can't do wool, how about cotton or microfiber?
ALL sizes are needed- baby up to adult, but more adults (figuring they can grow into a hat or fold it up to fit. did you know they have to leave the orphanage when they turn 16??)
If you're ready to mail hats- send me and email (linky in sidebar) and I'll send you my snail mail
We have a Ravelry group now Here

If you are looking for me on Ravelry, I'm cbast25

****Stephanie from the comments, please send me your blog addy so I can get your ticket in (and add you to my blogger list!)

Thanks so much for your interest and support! And now since I don't want to have a pictureless post I give you

Drumroll, please.


Such a spoiled puppy, but we loves him!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hat Patterns

Elspeth from the comments is looking for hat patterns! Oh Boy, have I got hat patterns for you:

Adult (ish) hat patterns?? Look Here
How about children's hats?

There is sure to be something in there that appeals to everyone. Never made a hat you say?
Try this or this or even this.

If you can knit, you can make hats.

Have fun checking out the patterns!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

The 300 Hat Project

Really. 300 hats.

Kristy is going to the Ukraine in September and will be "working with several orphanages in the town of Rivne. In particular, there is an orphanage there for special needs children – those with mental and physical disabilities, that don’t have a place at other orphanages in the area."

A hat would be like receiving a Christmas present for these kids. They have little or nothing to call their own and it gets COLD. So I'm calling all knitters to PLEASE, PLEASE take an hour or 2 of your knitting time and make a hat.

I will be the East Coast collection point PLUS host a contest! Many cool prizes! (to be announced later).

Prizes will be awarded for most hats donated, our favorite hat (1 for me, 1 for Kristy) and a random number generated hat.

How to enter:
1 ticket for each hat donated
1 ticket for each blog mention (really. mention it weekly OK?)

Kristy's LYS is even helping out with free shipping for hat yarn (mention you're knitting hats for the Ukraine) and a PRIZE! How cool is that? Just call Kaylee at Hooks & Needles to find out what's in stock.

All size hats welcome.
Warmth and comfort are top priority, so wool or blends. (face it, they barely have electricity let alone a washer to felt hats.) Issues with wool? Any natural fiber will do.
I must recieve all hats by August 28 (plenty of time to get them to Kristy)
Kristy needs 300 hats, so I'd like to send her 150 from this side if the USA.

When you are ready to send in your hats, drop a note and I'll send you my mailing addy (link to my email on the right)

Hat drawing will be held sometime in the middle of September.

Help us out, will ya?


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I *heart* MD Sheep and Wool

Amanda and I went on Sunday this year. We arrived at the fair ground ay 8:15 am and lined up to buy festival swag. This is the line at 8:30am. Seriously.

Llama with a poodle cut.
"We Are Not Amused."
Random booth with pretty colors... (lots of things were cleared out by Sunday)
Alpacas! Cute!
Misty Mountain Farm tent... one of my favorite. I got 1 lb of Shetland roving here for only $18 a lb. I just keep sticking my nose in the bag. This is the booth I "enabled" a spinner. A lovley woman was asking me about the rovings and mentioned she "always wanted to learn". I pointed her to the spindles, we found a clear patch and commenced drop spindle lessons. Only and Sheep & Wool.I got another great Schachnt 2.5 oz apindle and this UBER Cool "hounds" spindle 1.5 oz out of polymer clay by "Hala"
Here is the rest....sorry for the crapy picture. I have bad picture mo-jo this week... from left to right:
1 lb brown shetland, 4oz BFL in Crayon Box by Gale's Art, 4 oz of merino (can't find the vendor info) and a cute little barrell bag. Oh and a beautiful ebony crochet hook plus my Sheep & Wool baseball cap, didn't make it into the picture.I went with a budget and stuck to it. Good for me! Bad that I STILL have stuff in stash from last years festival- doh.
I did try out a "ladybug" spinning wheel at the Mannings booth. Pretty sweet. Maybe next year..... who's coming with?

I FINALLY finished spinning the Woodland Nymph yarn- hopefully a pic tomorrow. Plus the first "Time of the Month" sock is done and the 2nd cast on. Progress pics later as always


Friday, May 02, 2008

She's Back!!!

No, not me, Kristy! stop by and give her some love!

Oh and I have been knitting & spinning... mostly stuff I can't show (the knitting) and updating Etsy and hosting Knit night (So.Much.Fun). and commenting. I'm good about commenting, sucky about posting. I have great ideas and get distracted once I sit at the pc (Oh Look! Shiney!)

Oh2, I need hats. Warm, any size, wool or blend preferred. Details and maybe prizes later. K? K!
And just to add a picture to the post....

Monster cherry tree on our front lawn.