Friday, September 26, 2008

You have to see this....

go look here

is that not one of the awesom-est and heartwarming pictures you have ever seen? Makes me proud to be a knitter...


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Winners Are......

77= Susan (Imagine Creative Name Here)
78= Nicole (Creative Journeys)
69= Naughty Noolie (picked her own number, how much fun is that??)
22= Amy R, NY
41= Sara B , NH
55= Sara B, NH (oohh 2 prizes or an upsized prize??)
90= Sara I, NY

Not everyone has a blog (or I didn't note it, sorry) but I do have everyone's mailing addy so expect a prezzie in the mail um, eventually. Sooner rather than later. Still trying to catch up and clean up around here ;)

and just a note: My dishrag tag team - Dishrag Taggers- is doing so totally awesome! The box has made the rounds and is on its way back to Emily in AL. Fingers crossed, we are in the top 3. Wh00t!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh, Hai! HowRUdoin?

Well. Life gets busy and the first thing to get cut from the list is the blog. Bad me. I need someone to take over when things get crazy- volunteers anyone?

Maybe I should do like Noolie, the Wednesday Night Bullet Post? But I can't commit to a day..

Or what do you thing of Twitter? I could add a thingy to the side bar and just send a one liner out daily.

So what's up with me? I did 3 knit contracts for a large knitting company and am not allowed to share any info, but I can tell you 2 sweaters and 1 tunic took a lot of time and made certain friends crazy with my chatter and upallnight knitting ;) (thanks to the peeps for the support)

School has started for The Mayor and myself. He has first grade and I teacher assist at preschool (2.5 yr olds this year. much boogies. already been puked on) . Plus there has been a TON of babysitting gigs- day and night. Whew!

Next in the news is the 300 hat project - wanna make that 903 hats? Seriously. I just checked the Ravelry group, Kristy updated before she left. 903 hats. can you freakin believe it??
Check out her blog for some cool hat pics. I'm just stunned, to go from 300 to 903? Knitters rock so hard! I cannot wait till we take over the world.

I promised prizes for hat donations and blog mentions, so I want you to pick a number from 1 to 98. I need 3 or 4 numbers - I'll post the names and prizes that go with those numbers. It will be fun! (I kept an excel spreadsheet with everyone's info. I'm geeky like that)

What's OTN now? um, the bad hair day scarf, a Hemlock ring blanket and a dog sweater for a Chihuahua. Links will be in Ravelry. Eventually.

Time's up. TTYL

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