Saturday, October 31, 2009

one month later....

in no particular order

a test knit Hot Chilly Hat in Plymouth Encore (left over from the boring blanket). Fun pattern, quick hat. Great for gifts.
a Devious Bunny. He was supposed to be an Angry Bunny as all my embroidered faces look angry, but this guy just looks devious. I guess my skills are improving
an Amigurumi Candy Corn because I had leftovers from the hat below and thought it would be fun to wear 'inside" the hat and pull it out as a suprise. I know I'm weird, but the preschoolers LOVED it
a Candy Corn Hat because it was sold as a kit by Material Whirled and I thought it was way funny. Again with the weird...

crocheted Ninja. Unfortunately, ninja guy is deceased after a run in with the bad puppy boy. Luckily for puppy boy, the ninja stars came out the next day. So I guess you could say it was *all right in the end* (the sense of humor of a 10 yr old, that's me)a *real* Ninja

and various test knits that I cannot blog yet.

Happy Halloween!

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